Lessons Learned in Beauty and Fashion

We all learn with the passage of time, with the mistakes we made, people we meet, books we read, overall somewhere we are the amalgam of these few things and Yes! This is the right way to improve to be a better person at least to me.
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A catch up to 2015


My 2015 travel-log
My 2015 travel-log

A piece of information for those who think am dead, I am not :P. Am documenting this catchup for myself, it’s really fun to open last year’s catch ups and rewinding all the things happened in the previous year. I thought I should tell you guys why I am posting this even after spending 18 -19 days of January

2015 was a good year in terms of socialism and travelling. Highlight of my year is traveling, being the member of somewhat isolated family this was the only year of my life when I got the chance to travel within the country and observe the beauty of my country.

If you get the chance to read my last year’s resolutions, yes, I made few (my stupid self).  I worked on few actively; few I couldn’t get the chance to do so. I read more books in 2015 than I read in 2014, I fell in love with “Elif shafak” after reading her “Forty rules of love”, but all this love drained after reading her two more books. I must say I didn’t read anything which blown me out on serious note.

While talking about blogging, I did better than last year but yet am passive from last around 4 to 5 months which is bad, and reason is just procrastination which is worst. I think my progress on Instagram is good as well and seriously love my own Instagram, as it talks more about the beauty of Pakistan.


One of the last year’s resolutions was shop wisely. I start buying stuff after FULL satisfaction, I seriously stop shopping randomly and idiotically. I was in habit of buying things every now and then but I observed I mostly buying stuff which is just useless and crap. I was buying online mainly lastly and I felt after getting things most of the time am not satisfied with what I am getting. I changed my habit completely till the time I don’t buy online anymore and if I buy I don’t shy to ask tons of questions.

I was pursuing a non-social life in 2013 and 2014, matter of fact is my friends got married and got busy in their own lives and I left with almost none. But my traveling journey introduced me to many nice people and now they have become my all hour friends. Mostly it’s been said that our only friends are those which we made in childhood but believe me it’s not true, at least not in my case. I started traveling with a group and because I become kind of a regular member I got the chance to become friends with other regular members specially the girls, and believe me I got few which have similar tastes and likes. It’s too good to have friends who get ready to hang out with you on a call.

I am not making any resolutions this year. But I am trying to improve myself in every aspect of life. I thought instead of passing resolutions I should try to be a better person overall without bounding myself.