In Memory of …

While starting the blog I didn’t think of using it for any such heart trembling posts but sometimes one has to.

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Self Management

Last days I got the chance to attend a training session on “Time management”, within the slides, presenter highlighted a point and mannn I was immediately sold. He said time management is just “Self-management”, you cannot manage time but yes you can manage yourselves. In just the 3-4 starting slides of the presentation I got what I wanted.

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My Year 2013

Frankly speaking I don’t remember when did the 2013 start ohhhhh Yes it was started when I started my MS and left my job. It was a bit depressing and somewhat relaxing when 2013 was starting, depressing as I have to leave my job on a very bad note, and exciting as I got admission in my MS. MS is a full time job if you enroll yourself for every subject offered in a semester. This post is just a reviewing post what I did in 2013 and how was it?
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Crack the jokes not the relationships


I don’t know who is the most live hearted nations on the face of planet earth but yes I do know Pakistanis are one of the most live hearted, cheerful and witty nation. Combine family system is one of the major factors that turn on the wittiness. Yes, by the time tradition of combine family system is dying but still the trend of gathering up on family functions and festivals are part of our lives.
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Life is an experience


Life is a complete bunch of experiences good or bad both in your basket. Last days was Sunday and for me Sunday was mehhhh ! its Sunday. I had the quiz scheduled in my second class which was not prepared at all till 5 in the morning because i didn’t find my mind receptive and my mood was not good for study (am the perfect example of student syndrome, this situation all day long through out the week :P). I hardly pulled myself out of my fluffy quilt … funny thing happened i forgot the spelling of fluffy and took help from Google … yes its winter here in our region and we enjoy really beautiful season of winters in Pakistan … its cold but not freezing cold its sunny mostly with bright blue sky i love.

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1st Dec


First day of December makes me to think “Wohhaaa this year was a fast paced one” … went so quickly … like everyone hates Mondays i hate Sundays as my MS is an executive program planned for mostly the working individuals. Due to my bad sleeping routines its hard for me to get up early for Sunday classes every Sunday i woke and think to bunk the class but i push myself get ready for the class by killing this yummy idea. First class had the presentations scheduled in it as this semester is moving towards end and viral of idiotic presentations are every where.
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