First Haul of 2015

First haul of 2015

Shopping gives you energy, am I right or wrong? Last year I made some really pathetic choices in buying. But this year just made my mood as fresh as dew, because as soon as I got the stuff of my this haul, I patted my back for investing my money at some good place.


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Purchases of May

One of the few advantages of reading or writing blog is, it improvised your purchases. After stepping into the blogging world more specifically beauty blogging, I learnt a lot and learning with every passing day. I think on my blog you will rarely see big hauls. But small purchases, so I don’t know I should call it a haul or small purchases I think small purchases is the good word.


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Ist 2014 Haul

Other than having crush on beauty products, using a new product has its own taste, a mouthwatering thing. For me shopping is a therapy but sometimes impulse shopping depress me as well. Yesssss other day I got the chance to shop again (Eyes sparkling). Not a big shopping though but it was nice one and the best part is I didn’t go out of control. So have a look what did i grab for myself

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