About me

Everytime i start reading a blog i always wanted to know more and more about the blogger, person behind the thoughts and creativity. I always want to know in detail not only about the purpose of the blog but also about the blogger quite in detail. So here i go with mine …. First of all i wana tell i would like to hide my name am “Filza Sadaf”, Sadaf is my real name and Filza one of the names i like. I am Pakistani and i wana contribute to make my country developed and prosperous so everyone can call me PROUD PAKISTANI. I did my BS in computer sciences and pursued my career as the “web developer”. In my four year career of web development i sharpen my skills not only in programming but somewhat in content writing and designing. In 2013 i opted to go for my MS in project management. I selected area of project management as i had the plan to start my software house but plan changed or can say exchanged. Now i must say my MS widen my horizon of plans specially in terms of career. I was longing to start a blog since long ,when i was doing job as a programmer, to post the experience of every project of mine and helping code. Posts that provides solutions, i wanted to do this as we found very few Pakistani programmers doing blog post to provide helping code snippets. I really wana do the things which highlights Pakistan’s name, just a little effort from my side for my country.

Why this blog ? Every blogger i felt and observed starts a blog to share his/her passion or thoughts or life experience. Same objectives, nothing different gonna be found here. This is like my space to speak, talk, cherish, brust in agner am creating this space to spit out the thing i have in my mind. What am doing, i wana do or happened with me.

This is a beauty, personal and Pakistani lifestyle blog

Don’t Expect you will find something of your taste here …. hahahah


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