Everyday Skin Priming Steps

Am quite conscious when it comes to the skin, If you are so than let’s talk about priming

Am always into the skin care more, that neat clean glowing skin always attracts me. For me prepping your skin before applying makeup and appropriate removal of makeup both are very necessary to protect your skin from damage and dull.
Step 1: After washing face, my first step is to cleanse and tone it, for this I use Bioderma miceller water, it not only cleanse my skin but also tone it and moisturize it. Bioderma is single step solution for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It doesn’t give a deep miniaturization but for the summer it provides the skin with enough moisture. It cleans the skin and prep it for the makeup. After applying it I let it sink in, it takes only 10-20 secs.
Step 2: To me in summers bioderma provides enough moisture, but if you need more than use your favorite moisturizer. After cleansing I apply sunblock, in summers I don’t mix it with my moisturizer but I mix moisture in winters. Sunblock is a MUST in your daily routine, if you want to take something from this post take that sunblock is MUST, use it anyways. It not only protect you from UV rays but also prevent your skin from anti-aging
Step 3: Sunblock also serves the purpose of primer, if you are using sunblock you can skip this step of exclusively using primer, but if you are not using sunblock than this step should be considered mandatory and even if you are using sunblock you can use primer, it helps your makeup to stay put together and few helps in giving your skin a subtle glow. Few primers also helps in blurring the pores which can’t be done by sunblock.
Don’t forget to share your skin priming routine



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