Tips for Buying Bed Sheets & Bedding Sets Online

I always think room always look clean with made up bed, and a beautiful & pretty bed sheet just brighten up the room, let’s talk about bed sheets. It is not only a sheet but the key factor to enhance aesthetics of the bed room

Season:  While buying bed sheets according to me season should be considered as the prime factor. In summers cotton bed sheets are the best. Cotton bed sheets are thin, sleek and airy. In winters thick bed sheets specially the fabric made on khaddi are the best, quilted bed sheets can be used as well as the form layer help in staying warm.

Daily VS Guest: Another factor should be considered is if you want to buy it for daily usage or for guest bedding, for daily usage cotton bed sheets are the best and for guest bedding satin sheets are the best.

Bridal Bed Sheets: In Pakistan Bridal bed sheets are also quite in trend, just to make you big day as special as every other thing bridal bed sets are considered important

White VS Floral: If you have small or narrow room than you should consider buying single bed sheets, it makes the room brighter and bigger, white bed sheets also gives a clean feel. Consider buying floral and dark colors bed sheets if you have children at home, because it is hard to keep up the tidiness with white sheet, it will be a pain to wash them again and again with toddlers around.

Quilted Bed Sheets: Quilted bed sheets looks good and classy, if you have facility of auto-wash these bed sheets are just awesome to use on special occasions or guest bedding but don’t buy them if you don’t have or afford dry cleaning facility near-by.

Single VS double bed sheet: Be careful about the dimensions of your bed while buying the sheets, is it single bed sheet, queen size, master bed or double bedsheet.

Embellished Bed sheets: The trends of making bed sets embellished are quite IN these days, frilling around the sheets, using different shapes of cushions, cushions with cheeky statements, contrast comforters/flees are also in trends.

Hope you like the post and do tell me what kind of bed sheets you prefer ?


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