Reality of PR in Blogging World

I will be blamed that I am spitting all this because I am not contacted by any PR/Media agency.

If you ask me, this is what I think of blogging:

Blogging is all about stating the right and fair opinions. It’s all about sharing your personal experience and genuinely deliver it to the audiences. I read many views about bloggers, like they are greedy for freebies, goodies and event invites. These days everyone is calling themselves a blogger because you can just create your presence on social media platforms and boom you are a blogger. They say bloggers are not mostly pro/experts in their field of blogging and many other things.

Guessing what these thing are, right? But let’s not get into this today as today iI want to talk about PR agencies:

Follower Game: They rarely, like really rarely, once in a blue moon, consider blogger with less followers. You know they are right they want more people to hear their voice so they consider bloggers with more followers. A blogger has to invest minimum 3-4 years to win 10,000 organic followers, few have to invest more and few have to invest less than a year but they DO INVEST, and when someone invest either on monetary basis or timely basis don’t they deserve to be compensated/rewarded for the hard work they put in to win this much amount of followers, than what’s the point of crying over and calling them greedy?

Quantity over Quality: In the above point I said they don’t consider bloggers with less followers, now visualize a scenario: a blogger with 10,000 fake or organic followers  who rarely posts genuine reviews and if writes, hardly a single line with correct grammar and sentence structure and a blogger with good quality review posts and quality instagram but with less followers, whom do you think PR/Media agency will work with? YES! Definitely, and why? Because they never approach your blog, they never read it they will only check the stats as they only see the numbers. When PR Company itself slaps the quality at first place, why do they try to remind ethics to bloggers?

Misusing the bloggers: You know when PR agencies contacts the bloggers with less followers or you can say young bloggers? They do this because they want promotions without compensation, yes mostly they want promotions for free, and they will throw hundreds of emails on daily basis but never talk about rewards and compensations. What they do, they ask you to promote, if you ask them will they reward you they say ‘yes’, but they sometimes don’t even reward you for two or three campaigns and what they send after that many promotions, something which is not even worthy to be used or reviewed at all!

Back-linking Concept: There is no concept of paying over back-linking in Pakistan by PR companies and am sure most of the bloggers also don’t know about it

Favoritism: Sometimes PR companies only invite their favorite bloggers or whom they are friends with so sometimes bloggers with less followers also do get benefits. Drawback is only few get the recognition they deserve. PR companies as I already talked run after the numbers so they always prefer bloggers with immense number of following despite the fact they don’t share their products even with proper reviews.

Everyone learns with the time, even the people in PR Companies. So if a blogger is not a pro in his/her field than what is the harm in it? Even the most popular international bloggers/vloggers were not pros in the beginning. Instead of putting blame every time on the bloggers it would be good if PR companies also improve themselves, because at the end of the day this PR COMPANIES WHO ARE NEEDING BLOGGERS.

In the end I want to genuinely show gratitude towards two PR agencies #fortharac and #BBEventsPR for considering me even being a young and infamous blogger

Until next time Stay Safe



9 thoughts on “Reality of PR in Blogging World

  1. Very true in certain aspects. I have felt the same at times too. Specifically with PR companies and numbers. I can only say work hard and leave the rest to God.
    Also if your work is good, you will be noticed sooner or later. So never loose hope and keep pushing ahead 😚

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