Lessons Learned in Beauty and Fashion

We all learn with the passage of time, with the mistakes we made, people we meet, books we read, overall somewhere we are the amalgam of these few things and Yes! This is the right way to improve to be a better person at least to me.

So with the passage of time I learnt these few things when it comes to beauty and fashion

  1. When they say drink lots of water, they say it right
  2. Makeup, if you are not a pro, the minimal the better, you don’t need to use every product you have in your vanity and slap it on your face NO
  3. Prepping and priming your skin well is the key for settled makeup
  4. Sunblock is your best friend, even if you stay home most of the time you still need it, your laptop also reflects UV rays, sunblock not only protects but it also improves the texture of your skin
  5. Removing your makeup perfectly (double cleanse) is as important as breathing
  6. Stop buying foundation by testing it on your inner wrist/hand, apply two closer shades on your face, even give it good hour or go home and come back next day if feasible don’t buy it in hurry or on sales girl recommendation.
  7. Applying foundation with blender/egg sponge/stippling brush does make difference than applying it with fingers (though fingers works fine as well)
  8. You don’t need expensive or branded clothes, you can look classy with a well-tailored dress
  9. Your favorite beauty blogger/vlogger can have different skin type than yours, so you don’t need to kill yourself to buy everything she recommends
  10. Home remedies are best
  11. Moisturize your skin even if you are an oily
  12. You don’t need to follow every trend, pulling off a tulip pants is not everyone’s business, why to be a clown?
  13. Practice to learn makeup, practice the techniques, believe me you will improve
  14. Leaving Dupatta at home is not the sign of fashion/style/trend, it’s just choice and preference, you can look elegant with dupatta (properly wrapping or taken in elegant style) or stole/Hijab wraps.
  15. Identifying and owning your style is necessary you don’t need to be the part of band wagon everyone riding on, like floral prints and neckline embroidery, wear them if you like them not because that’s IN

I would love to listen about your experiences



3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in Beauty and Fashion

  1. Such a great post and I agree with every word you have written. These are the things I have learned over time and am still learning. Your last point is the best. Identifying and owning your own style is very important. Create your own identity 🙂

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