Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Hello Guys, hope life is treating you all well. Let’s dive in today’s review straight away.

Today am talking about my experience with the most famous makeup remove of all times, Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

About the product: Bioderma Sensibio H2O is considered a 3 in 1 product it exceptionally cleanse and remove makeup, soothes and refreshes skin. It also meant to eliminate impurities and also anti-inflammatory for both skin and eyes.

Packaging and formula: I am having a 250 ml, and it does come in 100ml and 500 ml bottles so the size purely depends on the quantity. 250 ml is a hand sized bottle, quite travel friendly. It comes with a clickable cap, which are more secure. Bottle gives enough information about the product, ingredients and also talks about how to use.

While talking about formula of the sensibio, it has water like consistency (as it is a miceller water), it can easily be used with cotton bud, cotton pads or making removing pads. It is paraben free, hypoallergenic (means, less chances to cause allergy) and also fragrance free.

My Stance: For me removing makeup is THE ESSENTIAL part if I am wearing makeup, am not someone who just doesn’t bother to remove makeup. If I am wearing makeup first thing I do after coming home is just gettinsg rid of it and I am quite skeptical about it, I do double cleansing or even thrice just to makeup sure I got perfectly rid of it. If I am not wearing makeup I do cleanse my skin every other day as I am more of skin care kinda person. So, this is a water based product, mainly use to remove makeup without making it greasy or dry. I already have a dry skin and I just hate the product which gives me drying effect and this miceller water does give my skin a fair hydration without making it greasy. It does remove the makeup very well, non-water-resistant products come off easily like just in one go and water proof long lasting makeup products like eyeliners and liquid lipstick does take more than one swipes, but even with multiple swipes it doesn’t inflame the skin (make it red or sort of dragged). Product asks to repeat the makeup removing process unless the cotton bud/pad comes away clean. I simply loves the refreshed feeling I have after using it.

Those days when I am not wearing any makeup, I just simply soak the cotton pad with sensibio and just cleanse my skin with it and yes the dirt on the bud describes the tales of impurities collected on the surface of the skin in all day long. I simply cleanse my skin and just happy to go no need of toning and moistening separately.

How do I use it, I soaked my cotton bud with little amount if I am not wearing any water proof makeup, I do put few extra drops if I am wearing water proof makeup. After soaking I just put it on the area suppose eye and gives a few second and then gently swipe it away. I do use the makeup removing method which we were guided during our meet & greet and product awareness session, I start with eyes and then I clean forehead followed by cheeks and nose-bridge.
Price & availability: Being a twin city resident you can get it from al-fateh centaurus and online from While talking about price 100 ml is of PKR. 750, 250 ml PKR 1000 and 500ml PKR. 1550


  • It does remove makeup well
  • It gives nice smooth, refreshed and hydrated feeling
  • Saves from extra steps of toning and moistening
  • It didn’t irritate or inflame (atleast not mine)
  • Its paraben free and hypnoallergic
  • Price is steep

Bioderma Links :  You can find Bioderma on Facebook and Instagram

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Demo:

Bioderma Meet and greet

Bioderma organized this beautiful bloggers meet & greet session along with a detailed product brief in the month of March with help of fortharc (PR and Event Company). It was seriously a treat for newbies like me to meet our favorite bloggers and also become friends with few new ones. It was a one hella opportunity to also meet those whom I just knew via social media like Isma Munir and Maryam asfand. It was a very well managed event organized in Tuscany courtyard Islamabad. Umar Hafeez was kind enough to call even the budding bloggers and was so concerned about their presence in the session.

The brief of the brand about all the products specially the Sensibio H2O by the brand manager Mr. Siddiq bawany was well communicated (keeping all the participants included). Brand was gracious enough not only to serve all the bloggers with delicious hi-tea but also kept them entertained by a little lucky draw. Have a look at even pictures

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad
Umar Hafeez
Mr. Siddiq Bawany – Brand Manager, Bioderma Pakistan
Ms. Beenish Amir – Marketing Manager, Bioderma Pakistan Ms. Justine Tartaglia – Deputy Area Manager, Bioderma UAE & MENA Region

Hope you liked the review as well as bits from the event


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