April Goals

Happy April, I know, I know it’s a bit late to wish you guys but sorry for being lazy. It feels like this year is flying literally, I can’t imagine March is already end. Well let me confess, I am a procrastinator by birth, just keep on piling up the tasks and sometimes simply forgot them in routine life. So what I do just keep on pushing myself by setting goals and keep an eye on them so here are few

April Goals

  • Wind up seasonal packing, don’t ask me this is just the toughest task and weather is just so un-predictable in twin-cities (Pakistan), I literally don’t know what to do, but I just want to pack up all my winter clothes to get those hangers free.
  • Get a trim, my hairs need one real bad
  • Stitching, planning for few new dresses, plan them and send them for stitching
  • Regular blogging
  • If get irritated just leave it there, this is the worst habit of mine if I got irritated over something I will keep talking about it
  • Start reading again, I haven’t read any book since last 5-6 months, now start missing reading
  • Plan kitchen clean mission, just for the reference we have two kitchens in the house only one is used the other one is just used occasionally, the second one need a detail makeover
  • My feet really needs some attention

What are your goals do share with me in the comments



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