Highlights of March

This year is slipping fast maannnn, it’s already April, March was quite productive. Let’s have a look
1. Soon Valley Trip: It’s been months, been anywhere, I just love to explore and visit new places. I can’t live without traveling it’s just not my thing. Lately I was busy with my brother’s wedding and man weddings here in Pakistan is just chaos, so couldn’t get the chance to go anywhere but at last in March, we just manage to give a quick visit to few spots of soon valley. IT WAS SOOTHING

2. Bought MM Silk Foundation: I was literally dieing to get my hands on this foundation, I was waiting since August but it was short because of some formula up-gradation, but finally I got it.

3. Bioderma Event:This month I got the chance to attend a blogger meet and greet event organized by Bioderma, got the chance to know the brand a little more. I will soon share the highlights of the event
4. More Friends: Mostly my friend circle grows because of traveling, as I travel with different groups and meet new people with same passion, but this time I become friends with girls from blogging world and it was awesome to meet them.

5. Back to Blogging: Bioderma event proved a kick in my blogging journey I was not blogging since long and this event provided me with opportunity to meet new and motivated souls in field of blogging which lubricated my lazy soul to get back on track
That was my month

I would love to hear about yours, do tell me in comments


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