Disclaimer: This is not a PR/paid post

Ambience: I found the ambience really chic, fashionable yet elegant. I liked the way it is small and cute, yet have enough seating space. I loved their music choices, it makes the wait for food less torment.

Taste:- I am a pure foodie, foodie for life, good food just switch my mood to good. It’s the most pleasant thing in the world to have a good plate of food (Ok enough rambling). When I first visited the canapé I had their grilled burger which was (is) on deal (burger, fries and drink). I thought it would be just a palm size burger as we mostly had in deals, but man was that huge, it was. Burger was reasonably spicy for my likeness (I like my food on spicy side) but it was not overly spicy. Petty was of good size almost as per the size of the burger, and it was juicy. Taste of cheese and other sauces were just perfect. Fries along with the grilled burger was enough in quantity and they were crispy.

We tried another burger, BIG burger (priced 380), and believe me its HUGE, even my most foodie bro couldn’t it without changing positions. It has two layers of chicken breasts in it which won’t let you bite in one go. This burger has zinger coating, juicy enough and so well cooked can cut easily with every bite. Jalapeno and other pickled veges just gave it another touch, specially jalapeno just gives it right amount of spice.

Overall both the burgers were beyond awesome in taste

Price: grilled burger on deal was worth PKR. 350 (exclusive of taxes) and believe me it justifies the price every penny.

Big burger was of PKR. 380 (exclusive of taxes) and it’s so worthy of the price

Grilled burger
Grilled Burger
Grilled Burger
Burger priced 380
Burger priced 380
Burger priced 380
Burger priced 380
Big Burger worth 380

Ohhhh and Yes they do give discount of 5% on facebook checked in



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