Sequence of applying everyday makeup

Is there really a sequence or process of applying makeup? Let’s find out a bit

Honestly speaking this is not math where multiplication always been done before addition. Makeup is like art, should be done according to your own comfort and feasibility, but yes there are few things which should be considered while doing a makeover.

Observe Clockwise
  1. First Thing First
    The key to good makeup is flawless and clean skin. I not only observed the best results of products on good skin but also it gives you the liberty to roam bare faced anywhere confidently. So take care of your skin.
  2. Prepping and priming the skin
    This is the prime step or you can say the starting point, wash your face and moisturize it well either you are oily or dry skinned person. You can use an oil controlling toner after washing and towel drying your face to keep that shine at bay. After prepping your face, priming is the next and must step, it creates a thin veil between your skin and foundation and saves your skin from any harmful effects of foundation. It makes your base stay long and avoids getting cakey after sometimes, it helps blending foundation really well. So priming is a necessary step. You can use sunblock as a primer as well or you can use them separately.
    I am basically a dry skinned person I wash my face towel dry it moisturize it, than use sunblock and after that primer. These days am using “Nivea after shave balm” as primer it has glycerin in it which helps to keep your makeup together as well as its very very moisturizing.
  3. Base
    After prepping and priming your face, base is the next thing to do. For everyday makeup use foundation which has light to medium coverage, bb cream or CC cream. On every day basis you need to tone up your face instead of full coverage (You need full coverage for occasions), you don’t need to hide very flaw on your face, keep it natural as much as you can. You don’t need a cake face in office or university. More natural the better.
  4. Mascara and Kajol pencil
    After I do my foundation/CC cream I go for mascara mostly and line my water line with black or brown liner, I prefer for kajol pencil for this purpose. For everyday makeup I prefer mascara which gives volume and length but I don’t go for anything too dramatic.
  5. Concealer
    This is not a necessary step, I use concealer when I feel my dark circles are going too weird just to cover them up and to brighten my under eye area. I use it sometimes to hide any big scar or blemish (The really crazy ones), but mostly I skip this step to keep it natural. I use concealer after my mascara and liner to cover any fall outs or mascara left overs (you know when we flap those lashes with wet mascara on them)
  6. Blush
    Blushes are the key to brighten up the face and give that hue of color on face, I feel blushes are the fancy of spring.
  7. Highlighter
    On my good skin days, or those days when am getting late and don’t have time to do anything, I just put some highlighter on my cheek bones only and am good to go, yes I think highlighter is that one product to give nice sheen and gives a wakeup look. I prefer using it only on my cheek bones (not on bridge of nose or anywhere else), for everyday look.
  8. Setting powder
    This step is a must during summer, it’s very necessary to avoid shine specially on t-zone areas as well as any melt downs. Setting powder helps setting your base and creasing concealers, especially on under eye areas.
  9. Lip Stick
    This is self-explanatory, no need to say anything, Lipstick, gloss, stain and lip colors just completes your look.
  10. Setting Spray
    In summer it’s a must must have thing, one should must use it. It keep your makeup intact and in good condition for hours. It stops it from melting down and vanishing away. It makes your makeup lasts long without getting cakey. I would recommend you to never skip this step specially in summers.  



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