ELF Makeup Mist & Set

I am seriously too excited to review this product, why let’s find together …
DSC00895-1Products I review, I usually give them a test during my travels and trips, the true product proves itself well during a long whole day. I was using this mist quite a long now but recently I used this on my trip to Shograan and tested it on two of my friends as well and now its time to review it in detail.
DSC00894-1Packaging and Formula: Mist comes in a small plastic bottle with a pump head and plastic click fix cape. Pump head makes it so easy to spray the mist properly, equallly and efficiently, pump is so good and easy to spray with. I love having it in plastic bottle as it makes it not only travel friendly but also fall friendly, I really don’t like glass packaging, plastic is a hard plastic and it gives a glass class to it. I love it because it’s quite see through which helps gauging the quantity of left over product. I had it two days in my bag and it didn’t spill at all. So three thumbs up to the packaging (guess the third thumb :P).

While talking about the formula, mist is a very very light water density product, which takes 30-60 seconds to absorb in skin. It absorbs easily and fix the makeup like charm.
DSC00897-1Longevity:  As I already mentioned I mostly gives the try to the products during the journeys, once I did makeup around 10:00 A.M and sprayed it and wore the makeup till 8:00 PM, second time I wear it for around 16 to 18 hours (including 8 hours travel), for my amazement my blush was there on my face till the time I removed my makeup (MUA blush), foundation plus setting powder was there too and in a quite good condition. So its lasting power is pretty good.

My Stance: For me this product is a bomb, on first day of our journey I see my friends face she did her makeup around 6:00 in the morning and its gone by 2:00 in the noon, she asked me what have you used your makeup is quite fixed and I myself was surprised when I had my blush on my face even after 16 hours. Though after 10 hours it does make your makeup cakey (not extremely cakey a little bit) but I didn’t observe that from the distance you can observe it from near. It just didn’t allow my makeup to budge. Next day I used the mist on my friends face, one of my friend has very dry skin, she used her moisturizer, sunblock, foundation, setting powder and rest of the things and to our very surprise it kept her makeup not only quite long but fixed (on place) as well. She was all blown

I personally feel, it not only keeps my makeup on place but it also gives a very very nice finish to it, I really feel the difference. It’s not at all drying, it gives subtle moisture to my face. After using it I just forget that I have anything on my face and I don’t need to touch it up specially my foundations. I tested it with different foundations and results were always awesome while wearing it. I also feel it handles the sebum pretty well, as it helps preventing my t-zone get shiny for long.


Price and availability: Unfortunately ELF is not easily available in local market, but you can have it from different facebook pages, within the range of 550-650 PKR


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