Color Studio Professional Kohl Addict

DSC00397I belong to the clan who looks sick with bear water lines, it always gives a feeling of “Something is missing”, if I don’t wear anything on water line. So I always remain in search of products which are strong on waterline, don’t give me panda eyes and long lasting. Let’s dig out about Color Studio Professional Kohl Addict.

Packing and formula: Packing is pretty standard nothing fancy, nothing complex, it’s just a pencil in business, and to be honest I love this standard packaging as this size sharpeners are easily available in markets so no hassle of sharpening, it’s a hand sized pencil easy to carry and travel friendly. But breathing in modernized era I will more than happy if I get it with twist up facility.
DSC00399While talking about formula, I simply LOVE the formula. Its soooooo soft just like butter. It’s so easy to apply as eyeliner as well as on waterline. I have it in two shades brown and black, both have same texture and formulation. Both gives the good payoff with one swipe, but u can layer to get a strong effect. Black one is intense but I think it’s still not THAT charcoal black or the blackest black. It’s good but still… (Dil managay MORE).  YES it is SMUDGEPROOF !
DSC00398Longevity: When Kohl addict used as eyeliner it’s pretty much long lasting. As mostly eye liner pencils are quite long lasting, this one resides for pretty many hours. Its performance on water line is good as well, it lasts for around 6 hours, strong in the starting few hours and faded in the following hours and hint at the end.

On Left: Brown On right: black

My Stance: As I already said, I always need something strong on waterline like kajal kind of thing but smudge proof, I can’t do the hassles of cleaning those PANDA eye effect every now and then, I don’t like touch ups. This is one hack a THING which not only proves itself on waterline but also on lash lines. I loved its texture, it just glides on both upper lash line and water line. I just observed a bit stiffness in application in EXTREME winters (what does a pencil do, when human beings are getting freeze).
I love the brown one more, it seriously makes my brown eyes so pretty and defined, it compliments my eye color a lot. I bought the brown one first as I couldn’t find the black one and instantly fall in love with this that I didn’t use anything as eyeliner and water line that when I get my hands on black one I immediately bought it without any other thought.

pardon my hand hair, i want to show the swatch on a bit wrinkly skin
pardon my hand hair, i want to show the swatch on a bit wrinkly skin

Price: Talking about the price it’s a bit pricey as compared to other locally available pencils (not all but few), but still keeping longevity and texture in view. I think it’s not overly priced. its around 300 PKR.
Tip: Whenever you purchase a pencil product, dont use it directly, just rub the tip of the pencil on the back of your hand, so if there is any white caste, it should be removed and you can get the true color intensity.

Which is your favorite kohl pencil specially for waterline ?



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