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Weekend Eat – Nutella spot

I just stay on a hunt of new and economical eat out spots, am a food lover with capital L (this capital L is just to show the intensity of love for food).

This post is not PR or anything this is my own experience I did spending my own money


This week’s suggestion is “Nutella spot” in F-11, my brother came up with this option as this one was pretty much economical.  It is a small spot with open kitchen environment, which I loved, after all that chaos of un-hygienic food things happening all around the country (Ya you guessed right that khota distribution and fancy of dead chicken). What they were making was in front of you but yes many items were already baked. They have counter servings trend and sitting arrangements, which is kind of in-sufficient (as I think only 6 to 7 seats are there to sit). Sitting arrangement is in bar style, which is not at all appropriate for elder people specially moms (moms in 50 to 60).

Now the most important thing the FOOD, they have quite a good list of items to select from, and pretty much everything was economical. And don’t ask me about the taste, it was heavenly, I personally LOVED it (when it comes to taste everyone has one’s own). We were five people and we tried five different items from the menu and each and everything was yummy, we had Nutella crepes, Nutella lava cake served with scope of ice cream and chocolate ball, Nutella cheese cake served with little chocolate+nuts ball, Nutella gooey brownie served with brownie (which we find the MOST delicious), and Nutella mousse, and not even a single item we find quantity of Nutella is beyond limits or over.  Service, food serving dishes are so good (as I find in many highly charged restaurant, crockery are just pretty ordinary like in Monal), food decoration and garnishing are also pretty awesome.

I am definitely definitely going again and am forcing my friends to once try the spot please.

Open Kitchen – But yes few items are already baked as well



Cream Cheese Cake
Cream Cheese Cake
Lava Cake
Lava Cake
Gooey Brownie
Gooey Brownie
Nutella Crepe

Weekend Watches

ROMCOM – The Duff

This is a teenage movie, a movie with weekend vibes, for those who want to watch a light movie nothing heavy on heart. Nothing much special about it but it’s still a good movie which talks about friendship, appearance, beauty, intellect and human wants. But at the end which sides win, EXPLORE YOURSELF by watching the movie.

Image google courtesy
Image google courtesy

The Good Lie

This is a movie, which talks about sacrifice, sacrifice for the family. Story is about a group of Sudanese refugees, how they escape the riots and wars and reached the refugee camps. During their escape how their elder brother sacrifice for the little ones being the captain of the group, which helped them reaching to the camp easily. Story also tells how they make their way up to Kansas City, Missouri. Explore what was  “The Good Lie” protagonist tells ….


Image google courtesy
Image google courtesy

Hope you guys have a fun Week …



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