My Winters Essentials

DSC00333Hola ladies, winters never remain love for me but from past 2 years my perception about winters has completely changed. Why? Let’s dig out.

I never liked winters because of chappy lips, cracked skin and unable to hydrate myself by drinking water. But from last two years I started paying keen attentions towards all these things to start a love affair with winters (or might be I had harsh summers -_-).

Being dry skinned person (am not super duper dry, am just dry in winters and combination in summers) .To cope with winters I have few essentials but above all I keep myself HYDRATED, WELL HYDRATED. I must take 2 -2.5 liters of water per day. It not only helped me in proper digestion but also keeps my skin clear and avoid being dry or crack. I just can’t bear the cracked hands on myself or someone else. I divided my essentials on basis of brand.


Location: Rawalpindi, am a twin city resident and I personally think climate matters a lot in selection of products.

Nivea Soft: my love affair with this thing is ultimate, I literally have ended pots and pots of this cream. It’s a thick moisturizing cream with a light weight on skin. It absorbs nicely in the skin with little effort and gives a supple and soft feeling to my facial skin. This works extremely well in winters for me, that even after emptying pots I can’t think of any other cream even just for a change.  But its not something for summers as its thick and deep moisture.

Nivea Body Moisturiser: This is a new launch of the season. For body moisturisers I love those which don’t get gracy or melts into milk if you wash hands or feet after 1 or 2 hours of application. This one is so good, it has a kind of sticky texture on application but it absorbs well and gives a ted bit of shinny effect after application. It has a STRONG nivea fragrance, and it’s really strong for my senses, it’s not bad but it’s still STRONG if you get what I mean. It does moisturize the body and it does well, upto around 10 to 12 hrs.


Palmer Cocoa butter formula Skin Therapy Oil: I hate palmer products before using these as their “coconut oil formula for strong roots” didn’t prove well for me. I was reluctant in buying any of their product but back in summers, I was searching a product for face which moisture and doesn’t turn me into oil tank (am a combination in summers) while searching for a good light weight cream, or kind of all in one product, I came across this. I was reluctant for buying it because it was palmer’s and it was oil. And it just turned my perception about oils by simply working well not in winters but summers as well. Tell me if you need a detail review on it.

Palm cocoa butter formula, Hands, elbows, knees,feet concentrated cream: I have that bad habit of resting my left elbow on the desk which results in bruises, by combo of resting and five times ablution (wudu) , if I don’t take care of my arms and elbows in winters. Yes, winters are that harsh in twin cities. I find this concentrated cream really good that if I apply a day and somehow skip on the next, it still works. It’s not extra-ordinary but it still works. I use this only on my elbows and knees as it is concentrated. I find its smell a bit awful though it has cocoa smell but its not pleasant, it doesn’t linger so not an issue.


Vaseline Lip Therapy: This is my love of the season, I haven’t tried the high end lips balms yet, but this is by far my best lip balm. It stays on the lips so long even with drinking and eating. It’s not like other lip balms which you have to apply after every 5 mins. It’s staying power is impressive, it does moist the lips and even improve them. I simply LOVE it.


Hope you liked mine and what are your picks of this winters ?



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