Weekend Edit


Weekend Watch – The Judge

It’s mainly a story about an honored town judge and his lawyer son and their relationship. Story brilliantly disclose how a single incident brought the emotionally apart father and son. I personally adore the character of “Hank palmer” played by (ohhh so handsome) Robert Downy Jr. how a person bully those whom he loved most. The oxymoron of a single personality getting positive and negative at the same time. I found this story pretty much the story of every house, sometimes tiny misunderstandings create great distances between two members of the family and not discussing them right away bring the ego.

Movie is not intense its very light with the heavy attitude of Hank Palmer J

Weekend Eat/Visit

I so wanted to write about this, even though I now many of you already know about this, but still. Being resident of Islamabad and always being on low budget we keep on searching for the food options reasonably good in taste as well as budget friendly. Few time back one of our friends wanted to give treat and I didn’t want him to spend like manic. So I did a little research and short listed this little food place “Char Grill”, I didn’t know that time it’s near “Olive Garden”.

I selected the place as they were offering burgers on very reasonable price or you can say it was affordable for us like PKR 340. Next day when we reached the place it was so what you can say retro&chic and traditionally decorated I was so stoked. Until I didn’t get my burger I keep on staring all the walls and just clicking the pics and reading the boards and posters. Walls were all full of eye candy and it is really artistic and creative, definitely in truck art.

Burger was good, it was not like out of the world or something but we were four and we all liked it. Though you can’t fill the tummies of people used to have gigantic portion (Like my bro :P).

But what i want to say just visit it once if not for food than do visit it for the art and decor 😀

Hope you will have fabulous weekend



4 thoughts on “Weekend Edit

  1. Very nice and different post. I like Robert Downy Jr. in some action thriller movies and would love to watch this one. The place for food looks awesome, i hope they are good enough not to be closed 🙂

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