Super Savari Express

I always observe Pakistanis are less into travelling and stuff as compare to people from other parts of the world. Lack of resources might be a reason but lack of opportunities make travelling feasible is another. I feel so glad sharing, Pakistani youngsters are the ones who truly brought and bringing the twist in scene of travelling across the Pakistan by introducing different travel groups. Super Savari Express is one of the tour companies but unique in its nature, how? Let’s find.11805725_10155919988785243_1111246823_n

Anything related to travel and trips attracts me like nothing, when company invited me on their first run in twin cities, they told me they will bring us to few places within twin cities, but leave a certain element of curiosity behind. I went to unleash that element.

What is Super Savari? Company says, “ It’s a tour company showing you around the alternative and unseen sights of Pakistan for the FIRST time using local and ethnic modes of transportation. We’re an organization obsessively in love with our nation and believe in reclaiming the nation one city at a time. So hop on board our exclusive tours and spread some nationwide love one stop at a time.

Our Day: I was pitched by Muhammad Usman (Head logistics twin cities and photographer) a day before and issued an e-ticket (oh soo fancy :D). We reached on the decided meeting point (that was AQS art gallery Islamabad) before 8:30 a.m (the scheduled time) on 2nd of August. Everyone gathered around 9:00 a.m. and an introduction of company as well as participants happened by making a small group. Atif bin Arif (Managing Director) stressed on getting interactive, instead of hanging with your pals.  A traditional bus (that is fully decorated with the truck art) was arranged for the trip. Around 9:20 – 9:30 a.m. we left for the first spot that was Lal Havali” (Sheikh Rasheed Residence). Mainly the focus was to explore the hidden gems (architectural and cultural) of Rawalpindi city, which Islamabad residents was not awared of.  On the way Umar Saeed (Head of north as well as tour guide) elaborated the history of few places resided in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and shared the rarely discussed facts regarding the places (Many of which I didn’t know being the resident of Rawalpindi myself).

Our first spot was “Lal Havali”, famous for the residence of Sheikh Rasheed (Politician). We did the brief tour of the havali (permissions and permits were already been taken). Water bottles were distributed on the spot and then moved onwards. “Sujaan Singh havali and gurdawara” was the next spot following “Jamia Masjid”. To reach the spots, we crossed few famous bazaars like sarafa bazaar, urdu bazaar, jamia masjid road etc. which are rich in ethnicity. Around 12:30 p.m. brunch was served comprise of traditional halwa poori and tea.

After the brunch we headed back to the AQS gallery where an awesomeeeee music session was done by Huzaifa and Umar saeed. It was mind blowing, guys are immensely talented.

My Stance: Super Savari Express is already providing services in Karachi and Lahore and it’s been launched in twin cities on 2nd of august. All the organizers were polite and concerned. They kept the people in group anyways and don’t let them scatter which according to me is the most important part while moving in a group. Guys are highly professional with fabulous communication skills.

The main vision of the service is to bring the Islamabadians specially the Islamabad burgers to those streets of the city which is the real depiction of the culture. Those allies which contains thousand stories of history in them. Introduce them to the food and people which is the speciality and keepers of our tradition and culture.

I also like their concern about the security of the gang and group. Group comprised of people from every walk of life from common people to the photographers (who carries expensive equipment with them). For security, respect (specifically female factor) and surprise purpose they mostly don’t disclose the upcoming location.

My only concern is the charges which are around 2000, there are two perspectives when it comes to charges, if I keep the vision of service in view (bring the burgers to the inner of the city) than I think charges are fine and reasonable. But if I view it from my perspective, which is, many Rawalpindi residents are still there who are unaware of the interior of the city, these charges are bit high. I don’t want them to target only the burgers but also the students and people coming from other cities and want to visit those ethnicity rich streets.

But it could also be the case that the spots chosen, fun activities, food and services provided in near future are worthy enough that I want to visit in the fixed charges.

Contacts and bookings: Service has already been launched in the twin cities and bookings are already in process for the weekends. You can contact to the following organizers for more information and details.

Umar Saeed Khattak (Head of north) – 03235566853

Muhammad Usman (Head logistics) – 03455184633

From Right to Left – Muhammas Usman (Head of logistics/photographer), Atif bin Arif (MD), Umar Saeed (Head of North+tour guide)
This guy was hired on emergency basis, but their actual bus is as traditional as this one (But obviously a better version)
Lal Havali (Served residence of Sheikh Rasheed (Politician))
Conference hall of Lal havali (Sheikh Rasheed stll used it for conferences and tv shows)
Interior of Lal Havali
Sujjan Singh havali+gurdawara (v were not allowed to take pic here as place is serving the purpose for special branch)
Jamia Masjid



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