Person Behind the blog – Chemi Makeup


I won’t be exaggerating if i say i am true FAN of her or rather AC, i am following her since i was not even into the blogging,  used to carefully watch her pictorials and once she started doing video tutorials i was blown away by her talent. Her blog website is truly amazing and professional Lets meet the person behind the blog “Chemi makeup”

  1. Introduce yourself (specially your name/Qualification/Job/Location/age)
    My name is Al-haya Mairaj but people know me as CHEMI as it’s my nick name that’s why I use it online. I am 22 years from Karachi
  2. Tell us about your blog and give links
    My blog is about myself, my views, if you say it’s about my passion, it would be more precise. If you check the archives of my blog you will notice, I started with makeup tutorials and reviews but now I improvised by adding different categories like DIY and guidelines and tips etc. and INSHAA ALLAH you will see some very remarkable and more interesting corners in upcoming days.
    Here’s the link of my blog —-> and the link of my Facebook fan page:
  3. What’s your daily routine
    My daily routine is very simple, I am an early riser, if you want that healthy and glowing skin you have to get up early, get some fresh air and if possible walk on grass bare feet, because nature plays a vital role in achieving beauty. After that I get busy in home chores, offer prayers, spend time on blog, fb and off course with my family too . Rest of the time I do makeup for my tutorials and take photos for my pending posts.
  4. What’s your reactions in sheer happiness and depression/stress
    In sheer happiness I got mad and I want everyone else to feel the same as I am doing and in depression I just sit quietly and don’t talk to anyone.
  5. What you do to bring yourself out of boredom
    By listening music or finishing my pending work
  6. What kind of men attracts you or you like what kind of men
    I like decent and well-mannered men, who gives respect to everyone and the one who can distinguish between right and wrong and yes a guy with soft and caring nature
  7. You are too close to …?
    am close to………………………. my very dearest friend her name is kiran :* she is my jaan i love her soo much she means a lot to me and  the only person who knows each n everything  about me
  8. What you do when you fall in argument with someone
    First of all I listen the other persons point of view and then I place my point of view to the opposing party. I try to convince the other person but if I couldn’t do so I just leave the argument by saying “I don’t wana discuss it further”.
  9. You are a person of smile or one who laughs
    Both, it depends on my mood.
  10. Who’s your favorite actor/actress
    In actors I like salman khan, varun dhawan and  emraan hashmi
    in actress I like deepika, kangana ranut and shusmita sen
  11. Are you a diary/“things to do” list person
    Haha, yes I am …  it’s my hobby to write my pending tasks in my diary …  you know  … not a day passes when I do not write every single task which I have done during the day..  I feel so relaxed and managed to do it.
  12. Tell three things you want to achieve in 2015?
    My first priority is to be a professional in this field … second is to be a successful blogger and to make myself smarter than previous years.
  13. Tell three things you learnt from blogging?
    Blogging is my passion and yes I learnt so many things by it, first, social media is not a piece of cake it needs time and patience to build. Every single platform needs individual efforts. Second, it improved my observation and also my writing skills are gradually improving
  14. Tell few of your favorite places and three places you want to visit in 2015?
    Favorite places are Madinah sharif, Paris and Egypt and the place I want to visit in 2015 is Paris  😀 awh please someone take me to Paris ^_^ I really want to go there at least once in my life
  15. Tell three dishes you can cook best (if you can please tell some simple recipe)?
    Well, I don’t cook because I am LiL one in my family, but I am trying to utilize my free time in doing some cooking.  In the meantime, I can make very delicious omelet and also I know how to boil the rice perfectly! Haha
  16. Tell three of your favorite movies?
    Queen , frozen and dead silence
  17. Which habit of yours, you adore most and you hate most?
    This question is very hard….. Well seriously, whenever I start analyzing myself I got confused >_<  I can only write the habit that I hate is, I am a very loose temper person. I know it’s bad :\ but, I am trying to control it.
  18. Tell three of your favorite colors?
    Black, Fuchsia and Red
  19. Tell those “Must haves” of your handbag (that permanent/regular things u carry in handbag)?
    A mirror, lipstick, clear mascara for my brows and lashes and last my cell.
  20. You think brand brings the style? If yes/no why?
    No I don’t think so, you can bring style by wearing anything from any brand or even unbranded.
  21. Are you a party person or non-party person?
    I am a moody person so it depends on my mood to party or not!
  22. Your preferred style of daily dressing currently is?
    I love eastern style of clothing more than western.  I usually wear kameez shalwar and sometimes I paired my shirts with trousers and chori pajama.
  23. How many times you wear makeup (weekly)?
    Hardly once in a week
  24. Your current picks for daily makeup?
    I don’t do makeup on daily basis but if you want me to tell which products I will pick for daily makeup it would be Concealer, compact powder, blush in peach or light pink tone, mascara and a nude shade lipstick.
  25. Do you support yourself financially to splurge on cosmetics/Clothes/accessories?
    Yes, I am a professional henna artist and whatever I earn I spend buying makeup, bags, accessories etc.
  26. You want to say something to me?
    it’s been nice talking to you filza! you are such a shweet heart ❤  love your blog and yes the name ladaadidahh 😀 so unique I really like it! Thank you so much for giving me a chance here to share more about me. I enjoyed answering each n every question u asked…. 🙂
    IN SHAA ALLAH you will have more bright and successful future 🙂


Thankx alot for being such an inspiration and being part of my blog, its truly an honor for me, i wish you all the best for your future in blogging and May you have a happy and comfortable life in future


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