Making my Life Memorable – Trip to Sajjikot


On a beautiful cloudy Sunday we left home to visit an unmarked place on in our list named as sajikot waterfall. Sajikot waterfall is near Havelian, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. We left home at 7am, after leaving home we went to I-8/1 to pick up some dear friends or crime partners :P. After half an hour we were on our way to sajikot waterfall. Unfortunately or luckily we skip the tun to our actual route that is khanpur road which link us to Haripuri but after we found out what happened we moved on and take turn directly to karakoram highway. The road was awesome, cool breeze, path covered with green trees makes the driver fascinating. After an hour drive we stop for tea break at  some road side restaurant as most of us haven’t done breakfast due to early rising and time schedule, the tea was made up of fresh milk and shakkar and was awesome. We took it in desi style through perch 😛 .
After half hour of tea break we were back on beautiful destination track as we had an idea of distance and time to reach sajjikot that is around 10.30am. The road was good and have not much traffic due to Sunday morning. We were on schedule unaware of what is coming next. After an hour drive we stop at Haripur City to freshen ourselves up. I asked a local person about the distance left to sajjikot, luckily he was a resident from sajjikot working in Haripur but what he told me is a bit different what google map is showing. He is a very helpful guy, he told me the exact way and that it will took us nearly 2 hours to reach sajjikot and its a little confusing because now we have to figure out the way too.
After 20 minutes break we were back on our destination track. The track was cool, peaceful and fascinating. On our way we cross two major cities, Haripur and Havelian. During travel we were frequently asking local people about sajikot so we don’t get lost. After an hour of drive we were on the right way, the road that will actually take us to sajikot waterfall. Havelian, the town is cherish, fruits and vegetables are so fresh that a can person can start eating right after buying it. After we crossed havelian city the path become more beautiful. Surrounded by green trees and view around us was awesome. In the way we get confused a little because of multiple two headed road so we had to ask the local person about the right way so that we don’t get lost and the time took to reach our destination because we are getting anxious and curious as we cover distance. Every time we asked for the time will take us to reach destination every person said “it will take you one hour or 45 minutes” and its getting weird. At last after 2 more hours we finally reach our destination SAJIKOT WATERFALL. The view from the top was awesome. Water from the mountains came into a pound or small pool then fall off from cliff. The place was peaceful, mind reliefing and mind relaxing.

The waterfall is in the valley so we have to do some hard trekking to get down and take a closer look at the waterfall. The waterfall is awesome, water had a beautiful green color. We stayed for 2 long hours. Sitting still with our feet dipped in water. The water is so cold that my heart and mind are not agreeing to had a dive in water. Obivously i have to take some pictures to show off :P. The feeling was extremely wonderful but we have to get out because we had to travel back. We started traveling back around 2pm and reached Islamabad at 5.30pm. We had our very late but lush lunch at lahore restaurant, the food was good. After lunch got back to home.
On the way we covered Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Haripur, Havelian and Sajikot waterfall which makes total distance of nearly 275km. This route is a little longer but the road is clean and drive is fascinating due to beautiful view except 2-3 places where they are making new road. Google map is showing wrong Sajikot according to my current experience. We have to take road which pass through the havelian city. Sajikot is a piece of heaven on earth. Good place though it lacks basic necessity like food and shelter. So you have to take your food with you and a pair of suit if you want to take a dive in the cold water.

y personal suggestion will be don’t visit the place on Sunday as it is a bit crowded on Sundays

Hope you like the look book of Sajjikot



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