Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream

I was after this thing since lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg; I really wanted to try this as I heard “Essie button” praising it a lot, so as soon as I got my hands on it I just grabed it. Let’s discuss in detail about my experience with it.
My Skin type: I am mainly “dry” (no no, not dry by personality), but I am not dead dry,  in winters my skin remains drenched and in summer it is a little bit combination (oily from the t-zone and rest of the area is dry). In winters I use rich moisturizing creams to stay moist usually twice a day and in summers I use moisturing cream in less quantity or light moisturizing lotion usually twice a day.  I regularly moisture my face to keep it hydrated, as I hate that drying feeling.

Packaging and formula: This CC cream is basically “Colour correction”, and I think this term is well elaborated that it doesn’t need any further elaborations. I love the packaging, it’s a soft squeeze tube, with a screw cap and a nozzle opening. It is almost the palm size tube which makes it super travel friendly.

Formula of this is CC cream is thin in consistency it’s kind of runny but not very runny, it maintains the place when pour on the back of the hand or on palm. It’s easily blend-able and turns a bit creamy on blending. It absorbs like a charm and gives a very nice luminous finish, but this luminosity is not like that one we get from the highlighters, it gives a kind of sheen which prevents it falling in the category of matte (Yes but this sheen get downed with the application of setting powder).


Fragrance: it does have a very light and nice fragrance, like we usually find in baby products (it’s kind of those not exactly like those). Pardon me for my weird example but I can’t think of another thing to relate it L

Longevity:  I wore it for different durations to check the longevity and must say am quite impressed with its staying power. Being a CC cream I was not expecting a lot especially in dept. of longevity, but it amazed me. I wore it up for around 8 hours, but yes it also depends which other products are you using with it, but still it lingers along quite well.

My Stance: I believe on “Lisa Eldridge’s” Concept that use the foundation to even out your skin and to hide the imperfections uses the concealers or cover sticks. This CC cream claims anti-fatigue, anti-redness, anti-dark spots. First of all I will talk about anti-redness and yes it does fight with the redness around my nose, and any red spots (due to mosquito bites) on my face. Especially the way it tackles the redness and made it even toned amazed me. Now is it anti-dark spots, I have very deep dark circles around my eyes and some black scars or blemishes (any occasional zits/pimples gift) it doesn’t hide them completely but it hides around 50% of them even my dark circles. I don’t have fatigue traces on my face but it overall evens out the skin so well. I tried it lightly like just to attend guests at home it not only gives an even skin but also a very light and natural glance, i simply put it up to get a fresh look. I used it on my friend’s wedding too by doubling the layer, and ohhhh my words the output was amazing I simply loved myself .
When it comes to 24hours hydrating claim I think product doesn’t meet it at all, I never risked wearing it alone in winters because it can’t battle the dryness. You have to prep your face in terms of moisturizing. I tried it for medium coverage as well, here I will quote an incident, I was wearing it to visit some family friends of ours and I used it in medium coverage and just set it with translucent powder, on my way back I have to visit my area parlour lady to pay her my hair styling charges, and she instantly asked what are you wearing on your face today.

Frankly speaking am simply in love with this little guy, I own “32 light beige” shade which is a PERFECT match for me, I really don’t have another perfect match in any other foundations which I own.

Price: it is priced 1450 PKR

Accessibility: It is not easily accessible locally, I think Al-fateh Centaurus must have it.


Hope you liked the review

Kind Regards


8 thoughts on “Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream

  1. I like essie button too 🙂 !!
    Nice review i was looking for something other then
    the garnier bb cream for everyday use and i think
    this will be a good option to try.
    Thanks girl 🙂

    Anam Zaman
    B With Beauty Numz

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