Weekly Goals #2

These kind of posts are my struggle to remain productive, and to work for my ultimate yearly goals and resolutions. I am happy for myself today as i already finished the two important tasks ohh yeah baby 😉

1. Numz task should be done: this is the most important task of the week. This is on my top priority to accomplish this before ending the week. What it is i will tell you gals soon 🙂
2.Give coordinator a call: I don’t know why the hell am getting lazy for making a single call. Might be i don’t wana do it but you know few things have to do. You are already lacking behind
3.Get Regular on the blog: am again getting passive over my blog, i have to get active for myself
4. Stay Organized: as i always ramble about it am very messy person and this is my resolution of year to stay organized, am doing it just ok so far but i have to speed the game up. Organize things in my room and in the house
5. Weight loss: this is another yearly resolution to shed 12 KGs this year and am happy with this so far as am doing 2 Miles per day walk. Just stay regular with it
6. Books: My resolution of the year is t read 12 books and am quite lacking behind. Will inshaaAllah read minimum 70 pages this week
7. Bootstrap: this one is still pending just do it again pleaaaaaassseeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀
8. Laundry:  This one is yet not a monster so try to kill it before it becomes one 🙂

Share your weekly goals,so i don’t feel alone in the struggle of staying productive 🙂


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