Weekend Watch – Wild

Image Google Courtesy
Image Google Courtesy

The best thing about travelling in a group is you often find like-minded people. Last month during a hike on trail-6 (Islamabad), I don’t know how I and my fellow member fell in the discussion over movies. But suddenly she asked me have you watched “Wild”, I said I have watched “Into the wild”, she said “No, no, Wild in which a girl went for hike”. I said “no I didn’t”. But it sounded me interesting (Even with the aching legs). So I downloaded the movie as soon as I came back home and watched it.

I don’t know does it happen to anyone of you or not but good movie and good read always haunt me for few days. Right after this movie I got the chance to travel to Pirchansi and believe me I seriously felt “Cheryl Strayed” there, her feelings, her state of mind, her accomplishment.

This movie is the personal experience of “Cheryl Strayed” hiked the “Pacific Crest Trail” in 1995, which is around 1100 miles, to unwind her. Movie is based on the book written by Cheryl strayed with the name “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail”. I am not going to discuss about the movie much, but I will say, this is a must watch movie (at least for me, if you watch it on my recommendation and like it than we both are on same page). It is one of those movies which left a great impact on my mind and self. Mostly an extreme traumatic condition leads to something extremely unexpected. But I personally think, traumatic conditions are not always the reason, we all collect garbage or you can say with the passage of time certain amount of garbage piled up in our selves. The rage, the aggression, the fear of something gone wrong, the daily work load, the exhaust of those days which went wrong, the days when we were misinterpreted, the days when we got judged and misjudged, the stress of unwanted arguments, the feelings when our point of view took other way wrong, the moment of losing temper, that certain bad feelings when we fell into harsh argument and think I shouldn’t have said these things (even though to realize those things were necessary). These all things collect certain amount of garbage in us and this garbage should be taken care of time to time to remain positive and healthy.

This movie talks about how “Cheryl Strayed” lost and found herself. Her journey of finding herself was truly interesting and influential to me, and I hope it will be for you as well.

If you want to watch a movie this weekend make it “Wild”.



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