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So the first thing first, do accept my apologies Umiama Mehtab for publishing your interview late (I was trying to do something creative with your title picture but sorry couldn’t get the way I wanted to come up with). Thanks a lot for being kind to answer the questions, as being a student it’s tough for you to bring out time. Let’s meet Umiama Mehtab person behind the “Dudette’s Talk”

  1. Introduce yourself (name/Qualification/Job/Location/age) you can skip anything you don’t want to tell
    Hi Filza, I am Umaima Mehtab, a 19 year old makeupaholic and currently a textile designing student in Department of Visual Studies, Karachi University.
  2. Tell about your blog and give us link
    My blog is basically about Beauty, Makeup, Fashion and a Better Lifestyle. I created this blog to share my knowledge regarding these topics with my lovely ladies out there and also learn from it. Here is a link to my blog in case you want to check it out
  3. Do you like to plan ahead?
    Um, before I started my university, all my posts used to be planned but now that I am extremely busy with my studies, I write whenever I get time.
  4. Tell three things you want to achieve in 2015?
    Well, there is a lot that I want to achieve but the main three things would be buying my blog domain, passing my first year of university with the best scores, and providing more quality content to my amazing readers.
  5. Tell three non-beauty things you are loving currently?
    I have been so much into reading cliché high school love stories lately. LOL they are just amazing. Also, I love my ‘basic design’ assignments. They bring out the creativity in me. Third thing would be my university. I love it
  6. Tell three things you learnt from blogging?
    I have learned a ton of things from blogging. I have made new friends. Blogging has enhanced my explaining skills, my photography skills and observing skills. I have learned to raise my voice and state my opinion with full confidence. Blogging convinced me to explore myself and made me realize that “I can do it”.
  7. Tell three places you want to visit in 2015?
    Sephora, Sephora and Sephora
  8. Tell three dishes you can cook best?
    No one can cook Biryani like me. I make the best biryani in the world. At least my mom dad say so. I love making different kind of sandwiches and Italian cuisine, and I think I do a pretty good job at it.
  9. Tell three of your favorite movies?
    Interstellar, Jab We Met, and all the Disney movies. Yes, I still love Disney movies because hey! I am just 19
  10. Which habit of yours, you adore most and you hate most?
    Hmmm… I love how I stay organized no matter what and I hate that I sleep a lot. I can sleep whenever my body hits the bed. Btw, this sleeping disorder is the result of the excessive physical exertion my body is going through because of University.
  11. Tell three of your favorite colors?
    Black, no color is as classy as black.
    Red, it screams feminism.
    Forest green, it goes well with my brown eyes and hair.
  12. While purchasing lipstick does it happen you pick the similar colors?
    Every time. I have tons of mauves and reds.
  13. You think brand brings the style? If yes/no why?
    Um, no because I can rock a 800 Rs shirt bought from KDA market paired with unbranded tights and a matching dupatta with the right makeup and hair and people are like Woah!
  14. Are you a party or non-party person?
    No, I am not a party type person. I do like small gatherings with my friends though.
  15. Your preferred style of daily dressing currently is?
    Chic, I would say. I wear trendy but traditional dresses with unique cuts and edges.
  16. How many times you wear makeup (weekly)?
    I wear a slight amount of makeup daily to my university that includes two coats of mascara, Sunscreen, Face powder and a swipe of sheer MLBB lipstick.
  17. Your current picks for daily makeup?
    Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Pink Truffle’.
  18. You belong to which category
    1. Buy less and use more?
    2. Buy more and use less?
      Umm maybe a bit of both. I am a shopaholic but I believe in using everything that I buy, every once in a while.
  19. You support yourself financially to splurge on cosmetics/Clothes/accessories?
    Whatever I spend on makeup is from my pocket money.
  20. You want to say something to me?
    Filza, you are such an amazing person. Talking to you has always been such a nice experience, I love how fresh and kind your nature is.



8 thoughts on “Person behind the blog – Dudette’s Talk

  1. Its really nice to know Umaima of Dudette,s Talk and Filza you are really amazing and friendly. May you both have a lot of success in your blogging journey ameen.

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