MUR Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner

We all have that one clicking product which completely change our look. For me that is eye liner, eye liner drastically change my look by complementing my eye color. So I always remain on quest of finding long lasting eye liners, which are easy to apply yet promising. Is Makeup Revolution London eyeliner worked for me or not let’s finds out.
Packaging and Formula: It’s a hand sized pen style eye liner, having felt tips on both the ends, one is thinner and other is thicker. Pen style is quite common when it comes to liquid felt tip eye liners and I appreciate that as it makes easy to grip and hold during the application. Both the ends are secured with click tops, click tops are tight enough to make it air tight to avoid quick drying, but at the same time it’s not that tight to make opening a struggle.

I love the formula of the product, in the very first attempt it applies like a charm, zero struggles at all. It’s reasonably thin, as it’s a liquid eye liner but it gives an opaque application with a single swipe. It dries within seconds and in the starting hours it won’t smudge even on rubbing. It won’t flick off at all (like few local eye liners which can be removed like peeling off, I can’t explain well but we use in our Jawani those local ones which peels off) Formula is not water proof but it won’t wipe, wash-out or smudge with just splash of water. It melts when you rub after splashing the water.


Longevity: I checked its longevity; by wearing it on few full day trips (max I wore it for 19 hours, yes what could you do when you go on trip with extensive travelling). I splashed my face with water carefully and it remain there (I didn’t touch it at all). At the end of 19 hours when I checked it with my finger it leaves the traces on my finger but it didn’t convert my eyes into panda eyes at all. I love this it is not water proof yet after so many hours neither it smudge badly nor peeled off. Thumbs up for longevity.

Thick Felt Tip
Thick Felt Tip
Thin Felt Tip
Thin Felt Tip

My Stance: From every liquid eye liner I expect , longevity, color should be solid (Like if black than jet black), easy to apply and it should be matte. I ordered this because I was lacking good eyeliner and this one was coming under the small umbrella of my budget, you know what I mean? I mean this was reasonably priced. Frankly speaking I wasn’t expecting  anything from this, but when I got this I simply applied this straight away (Ya! Am a black spot on name of blogging, I don’t follow the rule first photograph and then use, I just couldn’t resist). And in the very first application i created that cat flick like charm and pro (Though I make it with small angled brush with a struggle). This Wowwed me in the very first application. I loved its jet black color, I haven’t experience this jet black color in any liquid eye liner yet (though I admit I haven’t experience many). I love the opaqueness and solidity of color in it. But it’s not matte; I would have marry this eyeliner if it also got that extra feature of being matte. I am using it since I got my hands on it, infact I should say it won’t allow me to use anything else other than this, and it won my heart every single time. I already have explained how much it impressed me with its longevity.  All in all simply and frankly I love this thing.

Just a single swipe application
Just a single swipe application

I bought it from in 600 PKR.

Any suggestions for jet black liquid eye liners ?

Regards and Stay safe


11 thoughts on “MUR Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner

  1. I’ll start by saying that I am a HUGE Makeup Revolution fan! I have this liner and I love it! It glides on well and stays put for most of the day. I’m still experimenting with the thicker side, but the thinner one is great! Thanks for the post! ❤

  2. very nice review its so much black and if it stay on 19 hours then it’s amazing I must give it a try…..

    1. I mostly wear waterproof or pencils as i wear lenses … but it was there after 19 hours … I hope it will work for u as it did for me … and thankx alot for giving frequent visits 🙂

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