Making my life memorable – Swat look book


 This winters was undoubtedly the best winters I ever had (I never like winters because of dry skin, chapped lips and early evenings) but this time it was completely different. I experienced the winters in completely different way (this time no dry skin and chapped lips :D), I have seen the snow up to 4 feet but I never seen the snowfall I mean the real snowfall we watch in movies, that white fluffy snowfall. Guess What! I experienced this kind of snowfall this season, where? Let’s have a look.
Every month I travel somewhere in Pakistan, this is one of my resolutions of this year, to roam around and explore new places, and believe me this is much inexpensive hobby. Earlier trip was announced to mushkpuri, when I heard this I was not happy at all, I been there in 2014 Feb, I wanted to visit some new place absolutely new for me. Luck happens and trip location changed to Malam Jabba and Swat Mingora and I was like Yessssssss (Nachoo saray cheer phar kay :D).
I was very excited for Malam Jabba seriously, the greatest charm was of Skiing, and I kept on imaging myself doing skiing and chilling on the snow. We started our journey on 7th of March; it was around 10 hours journey to Malam jabba. We took the road from Takhat bhai than Mingora and onwards to Malam Jabba. We did our lunch 14 KM away from Mingora, the plan was first we will visit the white palace and then travel to Malam Jabba. But during lunch it was raining continually and news group admins were receiving was roads are getting blocked due to heavy snowfall in Malam Jabba.
Group admins decide to move swiftly towards Malam Jabba, as all the arrangements they have done were there, and they want to reach asap. Malam Jabba is basically a hill top and and road is like you are revolving around the hill (same as road to murree). When we were 6 KM away for Malam Jabba Army officers came, they were allowing cars to go on top but not the coasters. While waiting for the alternatives we enjoyed the snowfall, the real fluffy one, I had first time experience of standing in such a fluffy snowfall. It was a view, valley was in dip in front of me and snowfall is coming down like cotton buds. Unfortunately my digital cam couldn’t capture the real beauty. But feeling of being there, standing in the snow, chatting with people from different walk of life and just talk to them is absolutely soul soothing thing. It was someone made me notice on returning to the coaster that my scarf is fully drenched, otherwise I didn’t notice.
Unfortunately we couldn’t make it through to the Malam Jabba, we returned to swat Mingora. Sunday was shiny and bright day, we started our day with breakfast of paratha and egg, each egg cost us 40 PKR our photographers photographed them and we ate them with all the respect. Then we went to visit the swat river just on the walk of 10 minutes. Day was so soul purifying I can’t tell we moved around 11:00 A.M from there towards White Palace Murghazar. We spent good 2-3 hours there had tea, roam around the palace (Palace is not that big just two rooms :P) but King of Swat in 1941 Built it using white marble imported from different countries that time (akhir badshah jo tha).
From Murghazar we started our journey back to Islamabad, at takhat bhai we stopped for the lunch around 4:00 in evening, delicious and traditional chapel kababs are the speciality of Takhat bhai (Mardan) and then all the way back to Islamabad.
Every time I wrote about my trips & travels, it’s just rewind all the scenes in front of my eyes. Lemme tell you people that during the whole trip, everyone just enjoy, and you can’t guess that this person is this much educated or doing a well designated job . It’s like everyone just unwind oneself.
These trips are no doubt the best thing of my life.

DSC00027 DSC00029 DSC00031 DSC00041 DSC00042 DSC00044 DSC00049 DSC00050 DSC00051 DSC00054 DSC00056 DSC00059 DSC00062 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00069 DSC00079 DSC00085 DSC00082Am sorry other than this i dont have any Awesome pic of white palace exterior

Am sorry other than this i dont have any Awesome pic of white palace exterior

DSC00093 DSC00098 DSC00108 DSC00113DSC00119DSC00120DSC00122
 hope you liked the Swat Look book



2 thoughts on “Making my life memorable – Swat look book

  1. Subhan Allah we have very beautiful country and wow I feel like I am there 🙂 I love snow/snow fall but I haven’t got much chances to see it 😦 maa sha ALLAH you are lucky. Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures with us.

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