Weekly Goals & March Stories


I don’t have much of the readership at the moment, so am relaxed none observed my absence from the blog. But still I feel the need to document my absence for the whole month. March went so busy for me, I came back from swat on 8th of March and the very next day my cousin reached at our place. She came from UAE and her cutie pie baby girl didn’t allow me to get stuck with something else. As soon as she left (and according to the traditions my own :D) I edited all my trip pics and even wrote the post about my trip to Swat and Malam Jabba, but couldn’t post it up. And then the dilemma happened my mom left for Multan for around 15 -16 days. Being the only girl at home I was the in-charge of all the house hold, kitchen and stuff. I love cooking, it’s fun for me but when it comes to peeling onions I mostly cry, and cry a lot :D. It’s not like I don’t do home chores or stuff I do but only 2 to 3 helping tasks. In the first two days I was like, I did quite a hike my legs were cramping and I just fell and shattered on the bed. But now I think I will do frequent daily cooking to just remain used to of it. Ultimately my mom is back, and am again up for my weekend hangouts and stuff :D. I got the chance of talking to few fabulous beauty bloggers as well in March, and it’s awesome talking to those whom I admire a lot specially the Shang j.
All this house hold mania proved sane to me as it gave me enough time to think about the blog and blogging. How do I wana pursue it, what do I wana do and stuff. But all this mania made me less productive in other aspects of the life, so I decided to set my weekly goals to stay productive.

Weekly Goals.
1. Get that laundry done:
I literally hate doing laundry, hate with capital H. And last whole was rainy and cloudy in twin cities and collected quite a pile. But I have to get the thing done.
2. Organize the room: Am not dirty but am messy, very very messy. Am so messy that this is one of my resolutions of this year to stay organized.
3. Convert Drafts into Posts: I remained quite regular in my posts during Feb and completely passive in March. So this will be on my priority as well to convert my drafts into posts.
4. Download and study new bootstrap structure: This must be happened at least to download and execute and see the structure.
5. Resume exercise: This is very very necessary for my ultimate goal to shed 12 KGS this year. Till the time I just shed 2 KGs . This week I will try to drink 2 Litres water per day and will do twice Jillian Micheal level 1.
6. Plan things: as I already said I want to remain connected with kitchen, so I have to plan the things, do proper scheduling for the exercise, writing blog posts , taking pics and my bootstrap resumption.

I will get back to you on Friday with the Tick list 🙂



6 thoughts on “Weekly Goals & March Stories

  1. You can’t say that no one miss you I miss you 🙂 nice post btw whats that jallian level 1 thing?

    1. Thankx alot Rabiya for being such a support 🙂 Jillian Micheal 30 days shred is an exercise oriented video of 27 min duration helps toning muscles and shed weight

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