Davidhoff – Silver Shadow


Top Notes: Benzoin, Orange and Coriander

Middle Notes: Saffron and Clove

Base Note: Amber and Cinnamon

Longevity: long lasting 3/5

Sillage: 2/5

Over all scent:  warm spicy

Season: winter

It is decade old scent and still a prime choice for most of the perfume lovers. It is my third buy, and I love it to a point where I have already made up mind for the fourth one. Tangy, fresh orange and spicy coriander blend makes it a worthy. This scent comes up with gentle base notes of sensual amber and spicy cinnamon. Excellent scent for using in all seasons, however best in winters. It gives a warm feel with over all warm spicy scent and especially using at nights makes it a real good choice. After using dozens of perfumes by Davidhoff, certainly Silver Shadow for me is one of Davidhoff’s most classy perfumes.

Author: Xeus


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