Essence Color & Go (Chic Reloaded)

I still remember my university days of BS, me and my two point mates (university buses) were freak of the polishes. We adore buying new colors, showing them to each other and ohhh yes growing our nails. It’s been almost two years that am using this particular polish let’s talk in detail.
Essence Color&Go

I am a loyal user of Medora (No brand can compete it in lipsticks and polishes, at least I think so), it’s so light on pocket, which simply makes me fall for it. But in 2013 I spot these on essence kiosk Color & go caption made me to buy them as I really wanted to try a polish dries in a minimal time span. The shade I own is “Chic Reloaded”.
Chic Reloaded

Packaging & Formula: Color & go comes in two different versions one is the smaller one and other is this which is today’s point of focus. Elegant glass bottle with a bit of detail and shade name. But the unique and best thing about this is the applicator; it has a broad and wide applicator, which makes application so damn easy. Two strokes and just done with the single coat, my pinky just needs the single stroke. I found this applicator real good.
While talking about formula, I simply love it, even after two years the consistency of the polish is just as the day one. Polish consistency is just right not too liquid not too thick, just the perfect. Yes it does dry up quickly but if you are going for multiple coats, it requires time to get set. Don’t mess with it after applying multiple coasts, it does smudge.  But I found it dries in less time (But yes I haven’t tried much of the brands) but it dries quicker than Medora and luscious one.


Fragrance: It has that typical nail polish fragrance.
Longevity: I didn’t try it more than five days on my nails. But I do home chores having it on my nails (dish washing and other kitchen tasks) and it did well. It didn’t chip off, but I think like extensive washing will make it chip but I think any polish will chip, if you wear than doing laundry and stuff.
My Stance: The shade I own “Chic reloaded” is a beautiful shade, with hues of plum, green and blackish grey, it’s the complete love. I am not the fan of shimmery glittery things, but only those with subtle and elegant shimmer and this baby just have perfect subtly shimmer in it. The shade variance in sun light and room light differs brilliantly. While application I never find that little bubbles which I sometimes spot while applying Medora. Application is so smooth and easy. I apply mostly two coats and I don’t mess with it I give proper time (Yes who likes to apply polish and just smudge it while checking). I felt in few polishes while sleeping, got fabric prints engraved (luscious ones). But when this one is set, it is all set for the long time, no such discrepancies I observed. I always wear it without top coat and base coat (am not that sophisticated) and it does always well the smooth shiny finish.
All in all this is my love, am already done with half of the bottle and yet my love is like the day one (Aur koi love na sahi tu phr yehi sahi :D).

Price: Essence polishes are around 250-275.
Which shade of Essence Color&Go you are flaunting ?



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