Three Weekend Watches

Gone Girl, Whiplash, the hundred foot journey
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Since last 4 to 5 yeas am a complete movie freak.  I remember when I was doing job it was a ritual for me to watch movies on weekends. That time, I wanted to watch only one or two movies at the weekend but those with complete assurance of their brilliance. The dilemma of the time was, I had very few to suggest good my kind of movies. Yup like food, literature and many other things, movie tastes keeps a huge range of variance in it. So am going to suggest three movies from three different genres, hope we will definitely find something common in our taste.

Whiplash: My friend suggested me this movie and frankly speaking I fall for this one. I love all those things which show and keep passions and yessss! This movie is about passion and insanity. Movie belongs to Drama and Music category. It’s about the young drummer and his mentor, who uses the harsh, insulting and humiliating ways to train his students, thinking that he is pushing them beyond their limits to achieve the excellence.  But the story tells how the young lad’s passion overtook the rage and assertiveness of his mentor. For me the end of the movie is a bit indecisive (though both student-mentors see each other with a nod, which tells the smoothness of the terms between both), as it has been left deliberately indecisive for the further debates and discussion. For the audiences to decide at their own who was right in his domain the student or the mentor. But yes, nothing can discourage the true passion. Last but not the least, movie comprise of some real good Jazz.

Gone Girl: David Fincher is an expert of directing movies of Drama, suspense and crime category and this movie speaks about its director. So the first thing first, I fell for Rosamund Pike after watching the movie, her delicacy and specially the hair cut in the second half (:P).  Movie is a paper adoption, as I haven’t read the book so I can’t compare the both. My opinion is based purely on the movie I watched. Movie is about husband wife relationship gone odd and how the famous wife create the whole scene by gone missing. The disappearance of the renowned wife makes the husband hot cake for the media. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t break the suspense at the first place (as I got an expert after watching lots of movies). But suspense itself was broke by the story, to handle the further twist. Story is about infidelity and revenge and I couldn’t favor either of the protagonists.  For me the end of the movie is a bit blurry, as I couldn’t get at the first place how the Amy (the wife) got pregnant but you people must be more intelligent than me to crack the secret at first place.

The Hundred foot journey: This is a very light and interesting movie, a movie about food, taste and relationships the specialty of the sub-continent. Movie basically revolves around the Kadam family who migrated first to London than to France and resumed their family business of restaurant there. Movie tells, about the journey of a boy natural good at tastes (a born chef) from a family restaurant in India and how he entered into the restaurant just 100 feet in front of their restaurant in a village near France. This journey brings him to the Paris and then story tell what brings him back again. This story is also about passion, hard work and yes tell when you are naturally good at something, no-one can stop you from growing, if you do hard work.

Hope you will enjoy the movies and have a fabulous weekend ahead



6 thoughts on “Three Weekend Watches

  1. Will definitely download all three as all are looking great through your review 🙂 Thanks and do share more movies with us hope I will enjoy your all favourite movies too

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