Person Behind the Blog – The Bedside Dreams Diary

Tale of the days, when I plunged into the ocean of beauty and cosmetics and came across few awesome beauty bloggers.  The First thing which grabbed my attention was the name of her blog, I don’t know but I found it extremely artistic and dreamy. Till the date if my bloglovin feed alerts me about the post of her blog, from the whole feed, her post is the first I approached. Meet the person behind “The bedside dreams diary”.

1. Introduce yourself (name/Qualification/Job/Location/age) you can skip anything you don’t want to tell.
Hey you guys, I’m Zubia. 20 something. Based in Pakistan. Chick-lit fan. Chocolate lover.                 Rom-com admirer. Day Dreamer. A Believer. A bit dramatically emotional. Occasionally                   loud. A delight to deal with! 😉
Currently, I’m working on my postgraduate research and have recently started a day job. I’m         a little obsessed with makeup and currently going through a major bold lipsticks phase.                 These days, I just want to buy and try new lipsticks!!

2. Tell about your blog and give us links
My blog is what I turn to unwind myself. Here I talk about everything that makes me happy              or excited about life – makeup obviously dominates the rest of the topics here.
Blog Link:
Twitter Handle: @XubiaRizvi
Instagram: @zubiarizvi or #ZubiaRizvi

3. I love the name of your blog, how did u come up with this?
OMG! I’m really glad you said you like the name of my blog – a very clear possibility; however,       here is that you’re just being nice haha. I really don’t like the name of my blog anymore – if I           could, I would have changed it but after all these years, it’s kinda tough to do now.
I created my blog a long time ago, I wanted a personal online space to write about my                      dreams, aims and all that stuff, hence the name. From that, it has totally evolved to                            something else now but the name is the same.

4. Do you like to plan ahead?
I do. I definitely do. But the kind of procrastinator I am, I never actually do plan my posts.                Also, with all that constant travelling, a job, studies, lots of sleeping and eating, I hardly get            time to plan haha.

5. Are you a diary/“things to do” list person?
Now, THAT I am. I love writing diaries, making list and keeping track of it. If you enter my                 room, the first thing you would notice will be this HUGE collection of journals and diaries. I             just really enjoy it.

6. Tell three things you want to achieve in 2015?
Well, definitely not looking at the price tag while shopping. LOL. On a serious note, an                        established career, probably my Masters degree and more sweetness in my relationships.

7. Tell three non-beauty things you are loving currently?
Sheldon Cooper. LOL
Staying up late at night for absolutely no reason at all.
My job.

8. Tell three things you learnt from blogging?
Socializing – though it’s hard to believe that an online activity teaches you how to socialize            round but it really just do it for me.

9. Tell few of your favorite places and three places you want to visit in 2015?
My absolute favourite place is my bedroom. LOL. Honestly speaking, any place with your                favourite people can make you feel at “home” and that’s what I cherish the most.
Places I would like to visit:
A MAC Store
An Inglot Store 😀

10. Tell three dishes you can cook best (if you can please tell some simple recipe)?
Oh, I LARVEEE cooking! I even want to open my own bistro someday! No kidding. 😉 That one         dish I cook the best, according to my family is mac n cheese.
Since you have asked to share one simple recipe, I shared this one microwave mug cake                 once on my instgarm and still got a lot of queries about it. I’m sharing its recipe here:

Microwave Mug Cake
Plain flour – 4 tbsp
Sugar – 4 tbsp
Oil – 4 tbsp
Milk – 4 tbsp
Vanilla essence – just a drop
Cocoa powder – 3 tbsp
Chocolate bar of your choice
Baking powder 1/4 tsp
Egg 1
Mix everything in a microwave safe mug n microwave for 2 min, your cake is ready. Top it                 with nutella or chocolate syrup n enjoy.

11. Tell three of your favorite movies?
I’m a huge movie buff and the only genre I enjoy the most is Rom-coms. It’s extremely hard            to narrow down the list just to top three but here you go:
Confession of a Shopaholic
Leap Year
The Devil Wears Prada
Three TV Shows I Love:
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family

12. Which habit of yours, you adore most and you hate most?
I don’t know about anything to adore but I hate my short-temper, my procrastination and               the way I trust people quickly. I’m working on it and things have been better.

13. Tell three of your favorite colors?

14. Tell those “Must haves” of your handbag (that permanent/regular things u carry in handbag)?
Facial wipes.
Compact powder + Kohl + Lipstick

15. You think brand brings the style? If yes/no why?
No, I’m really not a fan of this whole consumer culture. That being said, I love myself some             branded dresses, shoes and makeup. Does that define my style? No, I don’t think so. Your               style is something that comes from the real you – if you can wear a good economical top                 with some insanely comfy yet cheap jeans – do it!! Branded clothing may add to your style             but it never completely brings or defines it.

16. Are you a party or non-party person?
A non-party person. I like being alone in an oversized shirt and a bowl full of carbs preferably         in shape of MAC and Cheese rather than being surrounded by loud music and unfamiliar                 people. But, if the party is with the people I love – then it’s a whole different story!

17. Your preferred style of daily dressing currently is?
Trousers and long shirts. Too mainstream. Pretty boring.

18. How many times you wear makeup (weekly)?
I can wake up at 3:00 AM in the morning just to wear a bold lipstick and look into the mirror            how it looks on me. LOL. I only wear makeup when going out or staying at home, so you                  pretty much get the answer, it’s ALL the time these days.

19. Your current picks for daily makeup?
Stiefel’s sunblock mixed with POND’s moisturizer. I top it off with my Luscious Cosmetic’s                 Pressed Powder. DOL’s kohl pencil, a little mascara and a bold lipstick completes the look.

20. You belong to which category
       a. Buy less and use more?
       b. Buy more and use less?
I somehow, find myself between these two categories. It’s really hard to place myself in                   one clear one at the moment although I really wish to be in the first category, there are                     moments when I just get out of control! 

21. Do you support yourself financially to splurge on cosmetics/Clothes/accessories?
I have been relying on monthly allowances and pocket money for a really long time. I have              yet to receive my first pay cheque and I’m still counting how much more MAC lipsticks I can            get with it. ^_^

22. You want to say something to me?
Filza – you’re a beautiful person to deal with. I really enjoyed reading your posts specially               the non-makeup ones (Life Stories Section) – I love the versatility of your blog. Would love to         meet you some day. Wish you loads of success and happiness in your life! ❤

Thank alot Zubia for being the part of my blog (which doesn’t have such followers at the moment) and i wish you the prosperity and success not only in your blogging but in the life ahead



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  1. Thankx Farya for your visit … But this is corner on my blog, and i customize questionnaire keeping the blog and person specifically in view. In case of any tag like thingy i will make it public for all 🙂

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