Detox Water

The second name for the water is miracle. If used properly in drinking, this can solve hundreds of illness itself. A lot of common routine illness can be cured by just drinking a lot of plain water. For instance, sore throat and flu can be prevented and cured by drinking a lot of water daily and keeping yourself hydrated. This is “grapefruit” detox water is very good for melting extra fat and to flush the liver. All it needs is a water around 5 liter, chop one grapefruit without removing the skin and put it in the bottle of 5 liter water. Add 3-4 spoons of apple cider vinegar and chop couple of lemons and put it in the bottle as well. Shake the bottle well so the chopped fruits are mixed well and then drink one liter daily in the morning with in the first hour after waking up.



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