Image Google Courtesy
Image Google Courtesy

Till the time I have very limited readership, which will be effected by any decision of mine regarding the blog. Limited readership is good in a way that I feel myself free to do and explore what I want to do and what I would like to introduce on my blog.

My blog is an attempt to learn many things, improve my content writing, update my knowledge regarding makeup & stuff and share my experiences regarding every aspect of life am dealing with. But I want to introduce few other and new things and that’s why I am collaborating with my friend (Only FRIEND) Salman Rizvi, he is a competent project management having professional experience in hands. He is pursuing his doctorate in Turkey and this is one aspect of our collaboration I want him to tell about his experiences being a Pakistani for pursuing PHD. I want him to share his experiences regarding the places he has visited so that we know about the places in a Pakistanis view.

All in all I want to collaborate with him to have expert opinion on certain things as well he will share his experiences as well.  His posts will be including by the name of Xeus. Hope you will like this collaboration.


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