Rimmel London – Apocalips Lip Lacquer (in shade light year)

While buying it, I didn’t have any intensions to review this product on my blog. Why am I doing this let’s find out without any further delay.


I am not a lipgloss girl, because I don’t like touch ups and lipgloss just vanishes away before reaching to the venue (in case you are not wearing some lip liner as a base).

Shade I own is “Light year”. I was after a pretty brownish nude, that is not more towards brown side but sort of having a pinkish hint in it (does it make sense?). When I saw this I knew this is my color.


Packaging and formula: Packaging is pretty much like other lipglosses, elongated sturdy with a diamond like screw cap. The applicator is like duo foot kind but keeps a uniqueness, having a sort of hole in the center of the foot, which holds the product in it and helps in application, without dipping it again and again in the bottle. Shade confirmation can only be done by the barcode receipt; no other engraved code is mentioned.

When it comes to formula, it was the best I used till the time. It keeps a certain consistency in it, which helps in bringing the pigmentation on the lips without being sticky. Pigmentation is pretty good and visible with the single swipe.

Fragrance: This is the main reason of this blog post the bad smell. If you read my previous reviews you might have observed me claiming myself a non-smell/fragrance sensitive person. But this ohhhh I can’t tell, the worst smell (I must call it a smell) I have come across in any beauty product. This is so worst that I even couldn’t relate to give you people a thought what it smell like.

Longevity: the average longevity span of a lip gloss is one hour (hardly). It does survive one and half hour on my lips with minimal eating and drinking and disappears in a pretty way. First the sheen dies and by the time the shade but hint of shade remains on the lips. Though I think the longevity depends on the nature of lips too.

My Stance: The main reason of this blog post is the ill smell of the product. I ordered this online and when I received I just opened it with excitement and ohhh my God! The worst smell I smelt, which seriously killed my excitement to wear and know about the shade. First thought crossed my mind was it must be an expired product. I immediately messaged the seller; she said it comes with this smell. Later on I searched with the help of barcode it was not expired and then I did little research over net and everyone was complaining about it. I am amazed, how did they create such an awful smell. I mean like how. It is kind of smell, which with application capture your mind and sits there. It does linger on. I just gather my courage to wear it though the longevity and shade is pretty. But I simply can’t wear it frequently just because of its awful smell. I seriously want it to give a zero because of its smell. Might be its not that bad for you but I literally hate it.
Price: I don’t know the current price but it is surely above than 800 PKR, and available on Rimmel kiosks.


2 thoughts on “Rimmel London – Apocalips Lip Lacquer (in shade light year)

  1. Aww, now this is a bummer when you can’t use such a pretty shade just because of it’s unbearable smell. I don’t have a sensitive nose so this might work for me! xx

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