Basan ka Halwa (Gram-flour/Chick pea flour Dessert)

It’s been long to have a post from “Kitchen Cuisine” category. So I thought why not to try a seasonal dish. I was trying to make it perfect since long but couldn’t help myself making it this perfect. So this time I made it Yaayyyyy!


Basan ka halwa (Gram-flour/Chick pea flour dessert) is one of the traditional desserts. Let’s have a look on ingredients.
1 Cup basan (1 cup is around 110 grams)
¾ Cup cooking oil
¾ Cup Sugar (we use sugar a little less if you want to make it more sweet you can increase quantity)
1 Cup milk
2 Eggs
3 Cardamoms (collect the seeds)
Almonds (handful – upto your taste)

1. Put milk and sugar in the small pot and put it over stove and dissolve the both over heat. And beat the eggs in a separate bowl.
2. Take the basan in a pot and put it over the heat and just heat it a bit (dry flour, nothing will go in it), heat it until you get a certain fragrance of slightly cooked basan .
3. When the flour slightly heated (Just you get the fragrance but basan shouldn’t change the color). Add oil and cardamom in it and cook it. Cook it until both get cooked (Well boiled you will see the foam of flour and having boils).
4. When you it well boiled add the milk+sugar compound in it. It will heat and get evaporated immediately and you will get the shape of halwa (milk will evaporate and oil will make it leave the surface of pan or pot in which you are cooking). Mix it swiftly when you add milk+sugar.
5. Keep mixing it for around good 2 to 3 minutes and when you get complete halwa form add 2 beaten eggs and mix it again well, until eggs completely dissolved into the compound.
6. Extra step, I personally at this step after adding eggs and mixing them also added a good full table spoon of desi ghee in it for taste. If you don’t like taste of desi ghee you can skip it.
Sprinly the sliced almonds and here you are ready with you halwa.


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