Five Awesome Biography/True Story based movies

If my favorite movie genre will be questioned, my answer will be Biographies and true story based movies. There is a slight difference between biography and true story based movies.


In biographies original stories are filmed (just minor changes which filming needs). In true based story the main concept or plot is adopted by some true story and rest of the story is developed around the concept.  So today am going to talk about five must watch movies.

  1. The Intouchables: I simply love this movie; movie reserved the place in list of my favorites, since I watched it. The plot of the film is inspired by the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo aand his caregiver Abdel Sellou. The movie is really an inspiration, how to live the life. I just love, the movies with such full of life vibes. Happiness and life are characteristics that come from inner-self, originality; it doesn’t come with money and class. It’s about knowing what makes you happy, what keeps you happy, what puts you in the burst of laughter. Life is about opening yourself. This movie is all about these things. If you want to watch one movie this weekend, make it “The Intouchables”.
  2. The pursuit of Happiness: When there is a will, there is a way. Will always find the way. This is essence of this movie. This movie is the biographical drama film based on “Chris Gardner’s” life. I remember I watched this movie, when I was in quite the down time of my life and this movie told me, it doesn’t matter what you want but it matters how hard you want it. The best thing about this movie is “Never tell anyone that you can’t do”. This movie will boost you towards life by telling work hard consistently and without quitting. To live a life with strong and firm will, make this movie the part of your watch-list.
  3. The blind side: Humanity smiles when humans hold hands to make each other the part of happiness and prosperity. This movie is the true example of each other. The movie is the biographical drama movie of “Micheal Oher”. His life’s journey from the foster care to the Tuohy’s family. The movie reveals how the upper class of society is mostly un-aware of a certain part (lower class areas) of the world, how do our warms houses make us easily forget those who don’t have the place to sleep. This is a very touching story. This should be the part of your part watch-list.
  4. 127 Hours: Few movies gave you goose bumps, a certain shrill that goes down to your spine, a distinct fear. The movie is the biographical drama of “Aron Ralston”. How Ralston got trapped in a boulder and his story of those 127 hours he spent in that trap. How he made himself free and how he is living a life after that accident. He is the true example of living the life on edge, living the adventure, following the heart. Ralston tells you never let your disability hinder you doing anything.
  5. A Beautiful Mind: Sometimes unusual intelligence blocks, hinders and leads. This movie is the biographical drama of “John Nash”, a Nobel award winner in economics. This movie shows his journey from Princeton to the Nobel prize, being a paranoid schizophrenic. A worth watching movie tells how one fights with oneself to hold a grip over oneself.

Hopefully you get about few good movies.

Which Biographical or true story based movies you liked ?

Stay Safe and blessed



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