Person Behind the Blog

When I decided to start this corner on my blog, I was not confused who gonna be the first blogger of the month. She was the first Pakistani beauty blogger to follow me and comment and this means to me a lot. So let’s find out, who is the first person behind the blog.

  1. Introduce yourself (name/Qualification/Job/Location/age) you can skip anything you don’t want to tell
    Hello beauty blog addicts my name is Anam Zaman and I am 26 years old blogger on B With Beauty Numz. I have done my Masters (MBA) in Marketing from Szabist and currently working as a freelancer. I design logos and posters for different pages on Facebook.
  2. Tell about your blog and give us link
    My Blog B With Beauty Numz is all about my personal experiences with everyday life be it makeup or cooking experiments. I try to review about products and my personal experience with them, so that my readers get a general idea of what they are heading for if they want to buy and use a particular product.
    Link to blog:
    Link to Facebook Page:
  3. Do you like to plan ahead?
    Yes, I do like to plan ahead and try to achieve those plans. But also believe that Allah has kept a right time for everything and if i am unable in accomplishing a plan it must not be the right time.
  4. Tell three things you want to achieve in 2015?
    The 3 things i want to achieve in 2015 is to see my blog name in the Approved PBBC Bloggers List of Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community, to create a brand name and start a small business of craft work which I am currently involved in and working for, and lastly to make B With Beauty Numz more popular amongst social media so that more people can get benefit by reading my posts.
  5. Tell three non-beauty things you are loving currently?
    The three non-beauty things which I am loving currently are cooking, crafting and using Photoshop.
  6. Tell three things you learnt from blogging?
    The three things I have learnt from blogging are that it’s not as easy as it seems – you have to give a lot of effort and dedication into each and every post. I have learnt that honesty is the best policy; whatever you experience you must only write that in your blog. The most important thing I have learnt is that don’t expect a lot from people around you because everyone will not support you, your work will only be appreciated by those who are connected with it or have an interest in it.
  7. Tell three places you want to visit in 2015?
    The three places I want to visit in 2015 are Turkey, Malaysia/Thailand and USA.
  8. Tell three dishes you can cook best?
    The 3 dishes which i cook best are Karhai chicken, Mix vegetable pasta with chicken tikka chunks and cookies.
  9. Tell three of your favorite movies?
    My 3 favorite movies are P.S. I Love You, How to train your dragon (1 and 2) and PK
  10. Which habit of yours, you adore most and you hate most?
    I hate that I am lazy and I adore the habit that I can achieve anything if I set my mind on.
  11. Tell three of your favorite colors?
    My 3 favorite colors are purple, peacock green and peach.
  12. While purchasing lipstick does it happen you pick the similar colors?
    Not mostly as I try to pick different colors so I have a variety of colors from each brand of lipstick.
  13. You think brand brings the style? If yes/no why?
    No, I don’t think that brand brings style. It’s upon how you carry yourself to bring out the best of that product you are carrying
  14. Are you a party or non-party person?
    I am a party person but only with the selected no. of people in my life.
  15. Your preferred style of daily dressing currently is?
    I usually dress up in kameez and pants with dupatta or kurti and tights with stole. Mostly desi if you want to call my style of dressing
  16. How many times you wear makeup (weekly)?
    I don’t wear makeup on daily basis usually an eye pencil and lipstick is enough for me. But if there is a hangout or party/dinner then I apply proper makeup.
  17. Your current picks for daily makeup?
    My current picks for daily makeup is concealer, blush, eyeliner and lipstick or lip creme
  18. You belong to which category
    1. Buy less and use more?
    2. Buy more and use less?

      Buy less and use more

  19. You support yourself financially to splurge on cosmetics/Clothes/accessories?
    No not all the time, mostly my mother pays for all my splurges of shopping (love my mom Alhumdulillah)
  20. You want to say something to me?
    I want to thankyou Filza for choosing me in this great idea of interviewing different bloggers and to know the person behind the blog. Wish you all the best for your blog as well and may you touch more success. (Ameen).

    I loved every bit of the interview, thankx anam for being the part of my blog. I hope and wish you all the success and prosperity in life ahead.

Stay Safe & Be Blessed



4 thoughts on “Person Behind the Blog

  1. I equally enjoyed giving you interview 🙂 the questions were very interesting and different. Thankyou so much for choosing me as your very first blogger to interview 😀 im so excited . Thanx a ton sweetie :*

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