Three go to pink lipsticks

I think lip products are the most used products among all the makeup oriented products. I personally think these are just the quick way to brighten the face up.


I am someone with very dry lips, summer or winters I have to use lip balms. Being resident of Rawalpindi, situation goes worst in winters (as winters are quite harsh in Rawalpindi/Islamabad). So I always go for the moisturizing lipsticks. I am more of a lipstick person than the lip gloss one, I hate touchups I just can’t do it, I feel very awkward doing touch-ups at every place or than. So today am gonna talk about my three pink go-to lipsticks specifically in winters but yes, I use them all year round.



Revlon Colorbrust Lip Butter– berry smoothie

Revlon colorbrust lip butters, much have been talked about it. In winters, I simply love this beauty. This is the most moisturizing lipstick in my stash, and it should be as it is lip butter. It is a savior for the girls, with dry lips like me. Let me clear it’s the lip butter, it’s a bit different than the lipstick. It gives a very nice natural pink sheen to the lips. It doesn’t have that solid color, but with lots of moisture it gives a beautiful pink shade to the lips. It has a glossy finish. It has its own kind of moisture, that having this beauty on my lips I don’t feel the need to fold the lips to make it alive, I simply forget that specific feel to moist my lips. During one of my hikes I forgot to bring the lip balm with me and my lips turned into Sahara desert, I luckily had this beauty with me, and applying this on the lips just bring my lips to the life again. After that hike my love just turned respect for this little beauty :D. Being a person with dry lips this is my go-to lipstick as I mostly skip the lip priming with balm step before applying this. It stays on my lips for max two hours not more than this. I think staying time for the lipstick depends person to person and occasion to occasion as well. The gentler you behave with the lipstick the more it will stay.


Luscious Cosmetics – Signature lipstick 03 – Buff pink

Luscious has the specific moisture lipsticks range with the name “Luscious super moisturizing lipstick collection” but today am talking about the beauty from their signature collection. So the first thing first, it has some real good staying power and its quite lasting. It has that solid color, which gets visible with one swipe. It glides beautifully on the lips, but I will recommend a little exfoliating and balm priming of the lips before applying it. Not because it is not moisturizing but because it let the flakes of the lips visible. It fades beautifully and evenly. It is moisturizing, my lips feel happy with it but yes a little less than the super moisturizing one. It stayed on my lips around 4 to 5 hours and left with a hint of shade on the lips. This is really a very well pigmented lipstick, yet such a beautiful go-to color.

Makeup Revolution – Dusky

Makeup revolution lipsticks are friendly on pocket, yet with good pigmentation and staying time. Dusky is somewhat frosty, so it might not be the color for tan or wheatish complexioned ones. It has a slight shimmer in it. I remember in summers I was looking for that perfect rosy pink and I got this one. The sheeny shimmery touch is bit controlled in winters and more visible in summers. Still it’s a good option for girls with dry lips. I am reaching for this beauty quite often, as fewer options to get wrong with it.



So friends which are yours go-to pink lipsticks ?

Stay Safe & Be blessed



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