The Forty Rules of Love – Elif Shafak


I couldn’t help myself expressing in the start that this was the best read of 2014. Few people suggested me reading this book, but after hearing the title, I told them I don’t like this teenage love stories kind of things. One of my friend said if you think this, I will say you must give it a go, you have to change your assumptions about the book.

The review of this book was pending on my edge since November (thanks to my procrastination). So I thought why not the first books review of this year.

Elif Shafak is one of the proclaimed writers, and renowned from her first book “The bastard of Istanbul”.

My Stance: This is one of those books who grabbed my attention right from the start and man I was hooked with the book until I finished it. I haven’t read any of the love story with this fabulous touch of Sufism, which Elif Shafak gave.

I loved the continuation of two stories in parallel. One modern and one ancient. I also loved the distribution of book instead of chapters, but sort of snippets, with the name of characters and in that snippet the character is the narrator. Yes book is mainly a love story, in-fact amalgam of two love stories. One is about Ella and Aziz and other is great Shams Tabraiz (The Islamic Sufi/Saint) and Jalal-ud-din Roomi. From the title I couldn’t ever assume it will talk about, Shams and Roomi. In both the stories love has been discussed fabulously.

Am not someone into the love stories but this book is one of my best love stories. This book sort of made me believe the worth of love, true love. The best part of book is, the rules told by Shams to different characters, during his journey to find Roomi.

Book made me believe how broad is the vision of the author, how deep she knows and how well she summed everything in a book. She told the essence of love is, love without distinction and discrimination between the creatures of Almighty. Author guided well that don’t judge the people by looks, profession or status. They might have bad appearances, abusive professions but they can have pure souls. Author emphasis, love is above and beyond the boundaries of Religion, Virtue and sins, good and bad. Love is about, un-conditionality, selflessness and blind faith. Book tells how Shams Tabraiz put Roomi in trail certain times and how Roomi attempted all without a second thought, as he has the blind faith in Shams Tabraiz he will not put him in anything wrong.

Am not touching the story of Ella and Aziz at all, just to keep the curiosity maintain.

All in all, I loved this book like hell. I even don’t know what to write about it seriously but this is a highly recommended book.

Stay Safe



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