First Haul of 2015

First haul of 2015

Shopping gives you energy, am I right or wrong? Last year I made some really pathetic choices in buying. But this year just made my mood as fresh as dew, because as soon as I got the stuff of my this haul, I patted my back for investing my money at some good place.



  1. Coastal scents 22 piece Brush set: Am learning all makeup, doing it as well getting experience with the new products. Last year I bought the precision brushes, those were not branded, am not someone who runs for the branded things, I mostly starts with the lower end product, I used it and then I learn is it worthy using or I should go for the better one. I like to learn the thing and then move to the better brand. I had four precision brushes, one essence lid brush, and one bobby brown flat brush. Up-till now everything I practiced in eye shadow I used these brushes. But I was immensely feeling the need for the blending brush specially crease blending and some smaller brush to work on the out corners and V. First I tried to get the MUA blending brush or any kind of single blending brush but couldn’t get it. Than I thought to buy bobby brown replica brushes, but when I saw them they were mostly flat, I couldn’t find good blending brush in them. While searching for the brushes I came cross 75% sale on coastal scents 22 piece brush set and it contained all what I needed.
    Seller: I know Yasra Adeel from Hermarketplace, after getting them on sale I contacted her and asked her the estimated price and she told me just the most reasonable one. 1800/- PKR. Isn’t a steal ? Her page is Berries
  1. 88 Color palette Matte Eye Shadow BH Cosmetics: I was after this palette since longggggggggggggggggg, since really long. Previously I was using Rivaj 48 color eye shadow palette and MUA undress me too palette for neutrals. I really practiced with Rivaj one but I was not satisfied with its pigmentation and blending. One of my friends, Who MashaaAllah doesn’t aware with the spellings of makeup(very simple girl Dr. by profession but doesn’t know abc of makeup), needed eye shadow palette for one of the occasion and she wanted to own one for random occasions as well, I gifted her Rivaj one open heartedly :D. BH gave some really nice Christmas as well as year-end sales. I spotted this one on sale as well.
    Seller: I asked Yasra quote me the prices of both brush set and BH Cosmetics, she said she can arrange brushes for me but not the BH palette. I was so down; I asked her if she kindly can do it for me. And she said Yes, she arranged for me in 1800/- PKR
  1. Victoria Secrete “True Escape”: I wanted to buy VICTORIA’S SECRET AMBER ROMANCE FRAGRANCE MIST .
    Seller: Samina Tahir Khan, she is one of the best sellers as well. She quoted me one of the best prices for VS mist 750/- PKR. She got mine as a broken piece and she generously offered me this in alternation. Her page is Panche Vivre

This was not the big haul, but these are the things I felt happy after getting J . Hope you liked my haul. What recently you have included in your stash ?



8 thoughts on “First Haul of 2015

  1. I think, I have commented earlier. God knows where it vanished. I really admire your picks. Curious to know more about the BH palette, keep us posted. xx

    1. Sorry your comments somehow went to the spam, inshaaAllah will keep an eye over them now. InshaaAllah gonna do a review about BH palette. Thankx for stopping by and commenting

  2. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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