New Year Resolution


In the start of every year, am one of those who at least think and consider what they are up for in the next year. As I broke all the record of laziness, lethargy and idleness that I grab my favorite notebook and wrote down what ever came in my mind and what I should at least do.  So these things i am looking forward in the coming year.

  1. Get active on my blog/Facebook page/Instagram: I am planning to write thrice a week on the blog, daily update on my Facebook page and I mostly update my insta whenever I have worth publishing any picture.
  2. Read almost 12 books this year: I put myself into reading habit again from last year (I did well, not good). So I decided to at least read 12 books each book a month. Selected the books, soon will write about them
  3. Start working on my Bootstrap themes again: I used to be a passionate coder/programmer and I want to revive my programmer self again. Bootstrap themes are new thing for me as well as an income source.
  4. Get my Eye laser surgery done: I am done with lenses and stuff and I need something permanent, I want to get my laser done. Only hindrance in this will be the budget.
  5. Get my PMP done: I observed MS is a good option for career growth but it can never be the good alternative of the internationally acclaimed certifications. So I am planning to do PMP.
  6. Get more places visited: a non-tourist self is like stagnant water. I think Allah’s world is too big and too worthy to watch to feel Him closer.
  7. Reduce 12 Kgs weight: Self-explanatory, nothing to explain 😀

Work on inner-self

Healthy inner self is as important as the outer-self so here are few things

  1. Let go things: Sometimes it’s not easy to get rid of thinking about stupid things. Put them aside and give them little time to heal naturally. Sometimes u can’t stop thinking about the things, whenever some lame thought came, just close your eyes and imagine Kabaa-tu-Allah in front of your eyes and suddenly thought vanishes.
  2. Work on temperament: Let me admit am very short tempered person. I want to handle it. The solution I thought is Silence and immediate exit.
  3. Stay happier: I think I enjoy less. In fact I don’t know how to enjoy. Peace and satisfaction is onething and being happy is another, inner satisfaction also brings happiness but I want to experience the whole hearted happiness more and more.
  4. Talk and meet to more people: Neither am shy nor am un-social, but as I remain busy in doing job, coding which made me kind of less social person. So I want to meet and talk to more new people and experience their vision.

Beauty Oriented

  1. More full facials: Am too lazy for full facials, which start from cleansing and ends at toning. I just doing every other day gentle scrubbing (using the daily scrub).
  2. Wax: am too lazy for this idiotic task either I do it myself or someone else do it for me I simply hate it.
  3. Buy stuff after full satisfaction: Last year many times I just put my money in fire by inquiring less from the seller specially in online shopping. I am not gonna waste my money like this, this year.
  4. Do hair oiling frequently: I remain quite a habitual oiling person once a week. But by the time and laziness just cut this habit of mine. I wana bring it back.

What you people upto in 2015, have decided anything to accomplish? do share it with me.

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4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution

  1. I loved reading your new resolutions dear! I wish you all the best for 2015. May you accomplish all of your goals. Btw, loosing weight is on my list too, let’s see how well I do! >_<

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