Life in 2014


Life in 2014

2014 went so quickly, am the only one feeling this or I can still find some people on my side. Every years has its highs and lows, this post is just my wrap up of this year. So let’s have a look.


In last four years I remain quite busy in doing job and in 2013 I resumed my studies. So 2013 was very very exhausted for me as my course work finished in start of 2014 with flying colors (I topped my batch in course work). One of the good thing happened in start of 2014 was my research got accepted in Turkish Conference.At the start of 2014 I passed a resolution, which contained two things at the top of it, get into reading habit again and travel new places. My tech oriented job just put me away from both traveling and reading. So I couldn’t help myself reading lots of books but yes few good ones, i reviewed here, here. I have done few travels and trips as well this year, you can have a look at them here and here and many others which i couldn’t document. This proved to me quite a relaxing year. Another high side is I tried a business idea, or you can say did a little experiment over the business idea and it went quite well. This year I spent a really good Ramadan, really soul ful, full of ibadah and prayers. I experienced blogging and I enjoyed it, though I started my blog in 2013 but this year I give it more time.  I progressed a lot in terms of makeup and cosmetics.


This was one of the laziest years, I ever had. I remain so lazy throughout the year that I didn’t do anything productive.  Procrastination remains the only excuse holding me for doing anything.  Half the year I spent selecting my thesis topic and get it approved and then suddenly Ramadan started and I couldn’t hold over my thesis thing again. I didn’t apply for the jobs properly. I seriously went directionless. I did blogging but due to procrastination and laziness couldn’t do it that well (as I wanted to do). I couldn’t lose enough weight though I controlled it. I didn’t do well on side of earning but yes I tried many new things.

I want to wrap up all the stuff today with the end of year. What’s done is done now am up to start a brand new year with great passion and zeal. Am a passionate person to explore new things, new places and meeting new people and I will revive the same passion with the brand new year.

Wish you all a happy, prosperous and fortunate year and life ahead


4 thoughts on “Life in 2014

  1. High and lows are part of life and life keeps moving 🙂 good-luck in achieving your lows this year . Happy New Year

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