Trip to Toli peer


I am quite late in publishing this post, but what to do, hats off to my procrastination. I already mentioned in my trip to Mushkpuri trip, my resolution for this year was to read books and travel more often. I made few large and many small trips to new places which I couldn’t document (Thanks to my procrastination and laziness). But this trip was an awesome one so here are the few glimpses.

I was dying to visit Toli peer since long and I have requested several times to the previous group manager to arrange trip to Toli peer but he didn’t. So I came across a new group which was arranging a trip to Toli peer, The Adventure Island. And I knew I was IN.

Toli peer is a hill top station in the district Rawalakot Azad Kashmir. Its 1 hour drive from the Rawalakot . I joined the group The Adventure Island, trip was scheduled on 16th of Nov, we reached Habibi’s Resturant in I-8 6:30 A.M sharp and voila no admins were reached till the time. But they arrived after few minutes but it took little time all members to reach and departure from Habibi. Transport arranged was of high quality. Refreshment was given during the journey.

While approaching towards the Toli peer, half hour break was taken at Jehlum Bridge.  It is a hanging bridge made of tree wood and Jehlum River is flowing beneath it.  The sight turned really worth watching and appealing as soon as you reached Rawalakot. The road becomes narrow but scenes turned really beautiful and picturesque. We approached Toli peer via Khaygala. We reached Toli peer around 3:00 P.M. After reaching the Toli peer the first impression was, what a relaxed and full of serenity. Place is far away from the city hustle bustle, pollution and noise. You just close your eyes and feel the peace in the air and open your eyes to the scene of beautiful mountains covered with snow.  The spot is away from the intense population area and there is just the serenity and scenery. There is a tomb of a saint; the name of the place also reflects it.

After reaching the spot Lunch was served and we were inquired time and again that we got everything served. After lunch members were free to roam around or few activities were arranged by the group admins to entertain the members. Members were given the time of 5:30 P.M for departure. We left the Toli peer right time around 6:00 P.M and sunset was just beyond explanation.

A little mishap was faced due to the ignorance of some other driver and we just got stuck but our group admins just organize and arrange the alternative on right time and executed us from the situation. That was lovely experience as well.

Enjoy Few Glimpses



























I will suggest you people to find some time to travel.


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