Make Up For Ever SMOKY LASH Mascara


Few products play the role of enhancer and others act as modifiers, yesss! This is my own intelligent philosophy :D. For me Eye liners are modifiers, it just sometimes change my look drastically, if wearing alone, and I always keep considering mascaras enhancers as they just enhance what I has, until I came across this beauty.


Product Claim: Volume, length and curl …. These are the three brief but precise words of claim written on my deluxe sized mascara.


Packaging and Formula: I have this mascara in deluxe size, which is considered as the sample size. The packaging of the full size and deluxe size are bit different but both are good and classy. Especially I love this pocket friendly deluxe size. It’s just a cutie pie and even easy to carry in a clutch. Precisely talk about the wand it is a bit thick. I have never seen a wand with so much thick microfiber bristles. These are firm but not hard. But for me being a novice it’s a bit hard to apply on the inner and smaller lashes.

Formula is by far the best, ones I tried on (frankly speaking I didn’t try a lot). The best thing is, it doesn’t accumulate on the end of the wand, as I noticed in my other mascaras (might be it will, when it gets older or about to finish, because mascaras changes with the usage). Formula is not to thin (that it feels like wet), it has consistency. It dries in decent times after application, not too quick not too late.


Longevity:  This “smoky lash” version is not the waterproof one. I tried it up to 4 to 5 hours and it went well with me. It doesn’t mess with you until you mess with it.

My Stance: when I first time tried it, the first thing came out of my mouth is Woww. It completely lengthens my lashes and curled them as well, and am sure while wearing this I don’t need to wear fake lashes. While talking about the volume thingy, as am not good in applying mascara, it does give volume to the lashes but you have to apply it with a little technique. It beautifully curls the lashes and holds the curl well though it is not waterproof. This mascara has its separate waterproof version as well. Frankly speaking I liked this non-waterproof thing in mascara, initially this put me off that it is not waterproof but this didn’t create fuss to me as I found it bit easy to remove it as compare to the waterproof ones, without tearing the lashes. It was not at all clumpy in the start but by the time it is getting thick and a bit clumpy as well, these days am finding it clumpy. I wear lenses, but I don’t have sensitive eyes, it doesn’t irritate me at all. It has its good and bad points but I felt good points are more than the bad points. I used essence curl mascara as well which was just a waste of money, it never gives curl to my lashes. For me product almost delivered what it said, It lengthens, curls and in start I felt more volume as compare to these days might be the reason is in start formula was a bit thinner. All in all I liked it a lot till the time as I didn’t try anything better than this one yet but yes I have to try more mascaras, to give my final thumbs up to this.

Price: For me the biggest turn off is its price, which is around $23 for the full size, and I bought this deluxe one in 500 PKR. For me it’s expensive, but I think many of you may find the price justified.

Accessibility: Not available locally, you have to pre-order it from the Facebook pages dealing with imported products.I bought it from Hash


Before application
Before application
After Application
After Application

Hope the above details are enough to help you in making decision for the product.



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