10 things annoy me most

Obviously these are not the only 10 THINGS, which annoy me most, but these are time being the most crispy annoying things 😀

image courtesy google
image courtesy google

  1. Surprise arrival of guests: We Asians are famous for our hospitality, and well serving our guest. I am not saying this is the only tradition of Asians but I think its norm world widely. But this surprise arrivals or visit pre-notifications, I simply don’t like. I need mental preparation for everything beforehand.
  2. My Laziness: I should be mentioned in genies book for my laziness. I just don’t do the stuff, anything until the high time. In fact am a last minute doer, ya! I have to defend myself a bit :D. I can’t do anything before time, and I hate myself for this.
  3. I am so happy/depress/sad but please don’t ask me the reason: Many times friends and colleagues just burst infront of you with excitement or depression with a particular face and keep on saying but please don’t ask me. I am soooooo happy but don’t ask me. I hate incomplete things. What’s the point of starting when you don’t want to tell the whole?
  4. Why didn’t you tell me? People will see your utilized opportunity (you took part in any conference/trip/adventure) they will say “Why didn’t you tell me, do tell me next time”. When you inform them next time they have thousands of excuses to tell you for their un-availability.
  5. Backing out of commitment at last moment/Last minute cancelations: People will assure you for doing something for you, like anything and at last moment come up with a reason, a very gloomy face and a sad tone and it seems that realizing them anything or saying them anything will cast a curse on you that will ruin your happiness for one century (in case you will stay alive).
  6. Kohati Chappel with dress pants/Joggers with choridar: hahhaa this is really a Pakistani based annoying, but I hate seeing guys wearing kohati chapel with dress pants or a gal wearing snickers or joggers with choridar.
  7. Sipping tea or coffee with noise: That particular shrrrp shrrp (chuski kind of) sound, ohhhh my ears can’t bear it, seriously some annoying vibration happens with that sound in my ear, which I can’t bear.
  8. Fake/Artificial accent (especially in girls): Being Asian most of us can’t keep up with the proper accent; we naturally have that THICK accent. Along with the thick accent, many of us have the ill habit of using English words improperly and aimlessly, while talking in Urdu. (Mai 3 O’ Clock tuk aa jati hon, or 9 O’ Clock tuk so bhi jati hon).
  9. Can’t manage to go for some trip: I mean who doesn’t love to go for vacations or to explore new places around the city or country. I hate it when I couldn’t manage to go for one just being a girl.
  10. Sudden disappearance without a proper wrap-up on SMS/Chats: I hate it when you are texting /chating someone and at the middle of it or even not in the middle of it, one suddenly disappears without waving a good bye. If you have to suddenly leave it just type 2-3 words it won’t take long.



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