My Exercise Log

Images Google Courtesy
Images Google Courtesy

Most of my post starts with confessions, Yesss! Here is one more, I am not someone very active or fitness freak kind of person. I hate exercising too. The only thing bothers me like many of us; I can eat without gaining the weight, which is not possible. Am someone who loves to just sit idle am very very lazy. So I decided to start a log over my blog to keep myself on track. There will be only one post which is THIS and I keep on updating it every day. I already been started the working out session by, Jillian Micheal 30 days shred. This is 20 minutes video session but ohhh boy is this hard. It is for me in start as I am weighing 60 KGs these days. My aim is to shed weight as well as keep my body active and in shape. So I am gonna dedicate or sacrifice L 30 to 1 hour of each day, as well as controlling my diet.

OCT 17, 2014 Friday: I completed the whole video by pausing at few places (just one or two). Today was quite better than the last two days as I couldn’t carry on after 15 minutes: D. Till the time I spent 25 to 30 minutes in working out and hopefully will do a walk of around 1 hour in evening.


2 thoughts on “My Exercise Log

  1. Just some tips if You are interested to follow. Drink a lot of water every day and do a walk for just 2 KM everyday. I applied same method but as I do daily travelling, I skipped the walking schedule and still lost 5kg in 1 month. And always try to avoid food with heavy calories like ice cream, meat, cheese, chocolates. In first month, You will loose weight very quickly but next month it will be slow 🙂

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