An ode to Morgan Freeman

Morgan is one of those actors whom I watched initially when I started watching English movies. His acting and the dialog delivery makes him prominent. Morgan played many diverse roles in his movies, which covered the main as well as the supportive ones. But whatever the role Morgan played, made it alive with his performance. Let’s have a look at few of his movies.

Images Google Courtesy
Images Google Courtesy

  1. The Shawshank Redemption

I mean who didn’t watch this movie or at least heard its name of. This movie was one of those which inspired me in my early movie watching days (Does this makes sense :D). Morgan didn’t play the protagonist but played a firm role as well as the narrator of the story. Movie is basically a story of shawshank prison break by a banker Andy Dufresne, who spent 19 years in the prison, under the allegation of his wife’s and her lover’s murder being innocent. Morgan played the role of Andy’s friend.

  1. The Bucket List

This is one of my all times favorite movie, this movie tells, whatever the condition is and how big the desire is just state it somewhere and God knows it comes true someday. Story revolves around Jack Nicholson and Morgan who played the role of two terminally ill men, who set for the journey to fulfill their wishes before death. Both the roles were played beautifully and movie itself is quite scenic. While am writing this still the term “Kopi Luwak” is echoing in my head. This movie is a MUST WATCH.

  1. Invictus

Morgan played Mandela in this movie, and what a performance it was, this movie was directed by another legend actor/director Client Eastwood. Movie told how Mandela used the sport (Rugby) to unite the two nations. Morgan very well played the role which told beautifully how Mandela forgave the white people and laid the grounds of unity in south Africa by removing the discrimination of racism.

  1. An Unfinished Life

I watched this movie few days back and I loved it, story is not new or something out of the world, but this is truly one of the reminders which should be made every now and then. Story revolves around a man, his daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. Morgan played the friend of protagonist’s best buddy mauled by the bear, who told his friend to “Let go the things happened in the past can make him calm and happy in his present”. The movie is very beautifully pictured and tells how the bonding and relationships attracts.

  1. Seven

The story is based on the concept of seven deadly sins. Story of a serial killer who commits murders of those involved in any of the seven sins. Murder deliberately leaves the clue after each killing. Morgan played the role of detective in support of Brad Pitt, who assigned the case to search the victim.

  1. 10 items or less

Before watching this movie I thought Freeman is good is doing serious and solemn roles, but boy this made me completely wrong. This movie is the happening of a day in which a senior actor played by Morgan met a cash counter girl and rest of the story tells how both help each other and made a good friendly relationship till the end of the day. This movie tells not every time we get a relief shoulder from our closer ones but sometimes we meet a stranger and feel so relaxed, feeling on the same page is not the game of time but just a single click works sometimes.


These are the few movies I talked here; I have seen few others as well and will talk about them in future. What intrigue me mostly about Morgan is he doesn’t play the lead in the movies. Sometimes his part is so small, but the impact of the part is so humongous, that his voice keeps on echoing in your ears.

Which movies do you like of Morgan?



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