Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Foundation is one of the prime and essential steps in the makeup, either its everyday makeup or the special occasion one. Foundation is fundamental to all the flawless and even toned looks. So let’s discuss this baby out.


Packaging and Formula: foundation comes in a square glass bottle with sturdy plastic clickable cap. Bottle has a pump discharger to get the product, which I like as compare to the squeezing ones. Pump functions really well and helps getting the required amount of product by handling the pressure properly. Bottle doesn’t have enough labelling or product description mentioned on it. Overall I find the packaging a bit classy.


While talking about the formula, it is molten and flowy, in simple words it’s kind of thin fluid, having SPF 18 in it. I own the shade 115, it contains pink undertone. Formula is sheer and easy to apply and blend. It gives a smooth finish but not velvety and textured one due to its thin consistency.




Fragrance: I feel like few products have their own fragrance e.g. NIVEA, this is one of it. It doesn’t have any particular fragrance but yes specific product fragrance (at least I feel). The fragrance is not rich or overwhelming very light and non-bothering.

Longevity: I didn’t find this product any longevity oriented, as soon as you apply it, it gives coverage but just after half an hour I find it fading or you can say disappearing. After max 2 hours I think just a hint left with might be a hint of coverage. I mean what is the purpose of wearing a foundation even a bb cream, to achieve a somewhat flawless even toned look. For me this product is almost a fail in this department. I even found bb creams better than this.

My Stance: I bought this product almost a year back, when I was in search of some product which gives almost a medium coverage without being so heavy. The purpose of such kind of foundation is to use it for office, university and daily wear. I hate artificial looks, am someone who like bare there kind of makeup. I love flawless looks. This is light weighted foundation easy to apply both with fingers and brush. I just shake well (I have habit of shaking every beauty product before using except lipsticks :P) and take three dots on the back of my hand and then apply it in divisions on face. Pump discharger is really good and function properly. I like the pink undertone of it as it gives a real good slight sheen to face, which sadly doesn’t linger. The only thing which bothers me its coverage when you apply it, it immediately gives you a good medium coverage which vanishes really fast. The foundation is buildable, with primer underneath and more layers can make it work a little longer. But still the coverage is below my expectations. I used it in both winters and summers and it gives that shine look (due to perspiration/sweat/sebum) just after 2 hours (am someone with dry skin), in other words which minimize the coverage holding time. I just find it nothing more than a tint.

Price: I bought it around 850 PKR a year ago and currently it’s around 975 PKR.

Accessibility: Very easily available in drugstores, you can also buy it from



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