Treat to Bath – NIVEA Shower Cream

This product literally pushed me to talk about it, and who doesn’t like the soft and fragranced bath so let’s have a look


Product Claim: Product claims depend on the aroma are you selecting. But the overall claim of the product is Hydra IQ moisture technology for a soft skin feeling.

Packaging and formula: For me packaging is cute it’s pretty cool oval shaped soft plastic bottle somewhat squeezable. It has clickable lid attach on a screw cap, lid is sturdy and good to handle the shower cream within the bottle. Bottle speaks well for the ingredients it has with brief description about the product. While talking about the formula, shower cream is a whitish fluid. Consistency of the cream makes me called it fluid but it’s not very thin. It’s not cream like but it’s very light weight fluid, very easy to have it from the bottle and easy to make a foam. Formula consists of two main ingredients one for the fragrance and one oil for the moisturizing.

Fragrance: This is the thing which literally killed me; I opened the bottle on the store and ohhh God! It killed me. I used two of these shower creams and these smell like heaven. I tried it with White rose petals with Almond Milk and Coconut Cream with jojoba Oil. And both smell like out of world specially the coconut milk one.

My Stance: Being a dry skinned person I love everything moisturizing, am so lazy for the extra moisturizing specially applying body lotions. So when I bought body washes or shower creams I prefer one with good fragrance and moisturizing as well. Few months back I used Harmony Time which has heavenly white rose petals for fragrance and Almond milk for moisturizing purpose and God I can’t tell how the hell I liked it. Then switched to Adidas shower gel for few months and I hate it literally. After using Adidas one I went to buy myself a shower cream and I opened the bottle of Nivea Coconut cream and ohhhh man am sold again just on fragrance. I loved using it as the small amount goes for long and it really moisture the body. It truly gives a refreshing feeling by softening the skin washing it well at the same time. Shower creams make foam really well with the little amount I use it with bathing sponge. All in all I simply love it.

Price: It’s really a steal in this price of 220-250 PKR (I seriously forgot its price) but not more than 250 PKR. I bought it from Medi plus Saddar Rawalpindi.


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